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FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings

13 Oct 99 - 09:04 AM (#123353)
Subject: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Ferrara

Mudcatters made a lot of fantastic music at this year's Getaway and a lot of it was recorded. We want to get as much of it as possible to folks who'd like to hear it. However it will take some time.

One issue is, not everyone wants tapes of their performing to be made public.

FSGW policy is that we don't copy any tapes we make unless we have permission from the performers. So many of the performers are professionals; for them, recordings are an important source of income.

BUT. There were lots of informal recordings made last weekend and personally I would feel comfortable that we can trade them back and forth as individuals. Just use some discretion. I would like to hear whether folks like Sandy Paton and Liam's brother have any reservations about this.

AND, there were two sets of professional-quality recordings made, one by Max and one by FSGW member Don Nichols who taped the Mudcat workshop and much of the music of the weekend at my request. (We always tape the concerts.)

We asked attendees to let Max or Don know if they didn't want copies made of the songs they performed. Unless the performers object, Don will copy the Mudcatters' songs that turned out well on the recording, and send it all to Max. But it will take some time. In the meantime, if there are any Mudcatters who haven't talked to Don or Max, and who don't want recordings to be published, (or perhaps just specific songs that haven't been released yet) please e-mail or message me, Dick or Max. My e-mail is zither@erols.com.

For the folks who sang in the concert: Don had an extra set of mikes aimed at the audience that only cut in during choruses, etc where there was audience participation. He said that this changes the sound quality sometimes in the middle of a song. If this bothers you, and you don't mind releasing a really good cut but don't want people to hear a tape of you that sounds kinda funny in places even though it's not actually bad, -- Let Don or Max know that too, OK?

Take heart, people who came to the Getaway and those who didn't, there were some very good tapes made and as much as possible of the Getaway music will be available through Max but it's a big effort to edit, insure we have permission, copy, get it to Max etc so be patient.

Rita Ferrara

13 Oct 99 - 09:45 AM (#123371)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Vixen

I emailed Dolores already, but just to be sure I'll post it here too. VicTim performed "(Everbody's Got) Somethin' to Talk About" at the Mudcat workshop, and "Something" at the Saturday night concert--they are both our original work, and you may make copies to distribute. We'd like two copies of everything that gets distributed, one for Vic and one for Tim. As soon as someone figures out what this duplication effort will cost, let's distribute the cost of media, production, and reproduction as much as possible so FSGW doesn't have to add a sizable expense to its budget.


13 Oct 99 - 10:19 AM (#123385)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Bert

I certainly hope that FSGW will be able to add a little to their coffers for all of their effort. Just can't wait to get hear all that good stuff again.


13 Oct 99 - 10:25 AM (#123386)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Jeri

I'd like anything I can get ethically, and I'm more than willing to make a donation to the responsible organization. I got a chance to listen in on headphones to the recording being done in the Mudcat workshop, and it sounded GREAT!

13 Oct 99 - 01:35 PM (#123486)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: bbelle

I'll ditto Jeri's post, although I'm jealous she got to listen in on the headphones and I didn't! moonchild

13 Oct 99 - 02:19 PM (#123509)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Big Mick

I performed the following:

Dublin, In the Rare Old Times
Ship In The Sky
Molly Na gCuach ní Chuilleanán
The Finding of Moses
Far From Their Home

As I said before, I have no objection to it being used. It would be an honor. Let me know what I can do to assist.

All the best,

Big Mick

13 Oct 99 - 02:55 PM (#123526)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Doloresn

Please folks! We need you to EMAIL your permission of us. There are now at least three threads here about the Getaway. Finding things buried in among 66 messages is not easy. Also that way Don & I have a record saved on our system for reference. The address is: d-and-d@d-and-d.com (or dnichols@d-and-d.com)

Thanks! Dolores

13 Oct 99 - 04:11 PM (#123542)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Max

I would like copies of anything and everything I can get. I will carefully control what I publish, I promise. I feel too that I could be of service to manage the trade, or any other way I can be helpful. I have some great recordings that will take me several more days to go through and edit and such to share. Anyone just let me know if I can help.

14 Oct 99 - 02:07 PM (#123880)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Judy G

Howdy, My first thread! You have my permission to distribute any music I sang, but, the Killkelly song is copywrited by somebody whose last name is Peters and I don't know if you'd need his permission.

14 Oct 99 - 02:12 PM (#123883)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Max

Thank you Judy, and welcome to the club. You'll be hooked in no time.

16 Nov 03 - 07:44 PM (#1055057)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: treaties1

Hi Rita and everyone,
This is Theresa from Shellbacks whose home computer is ill and not net wise. I,ve not stopped travelling since returning from the states so I am reading this at a friends computer. If I was lucky enough to be taped I have no problems with distribution.
As soon as possible I will contact everyone I promised that I would and more beside.
It was a super Getaway and my thanks to you and everyone who helped to make it such a great time. I hope I can do it again.
Love Theresa

17 Nov 03 - 10:38 AM (#1055464)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Alaska Mike

Hi all, I've e-mailed my Okee dokee for using any tapes you have of me singing (or playing Prince Charming) If it's one of my songs all I ask is that you give me credit for authorship when you sing it. Thanks.

I'm still hoping to be able to go to next years Getaway. Don't know if I can afford that and go to England the next year, but we're looking for a way. Thanks to Rita and Charlie and all the rest of the FSGW for putting on such a wonderful weekend. Thanks to all the folks who came and participated. That weekend was the highlight of our trip back east.

Warm wishes to you all from the 6 below zero north,

17 Nov 03 - 11:59 AM (#1055515)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Jeri

Watch dates. (They're more interesting than prunes.)
Treaties1 refreshed a thread from

No 'official' tapes ever were done by the FSGW folks, much as I would have liked to have them.

17 Nov 03 - 01:08 PM (#1055588)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Noreen

But Tinker produced a video record of last year's Getaway, made available through the Mudcat, and she is in the process of producing something similar from this year's Getaway.

Can't wait- seen selected exerpts already :0)

17 Nov 03 - 01:32 PM (#1055613)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Jeri

Hmmm...I thought Tinker had started a thread for this year, but apparently not, and using established appropriate threads is encouraged, so there's no problem and no reason for me to complain so Theresa can later come in and tell me "Oh Jeri, woudja just bugger off?!" and I have to remind her that fairy godmothers do NOT use language like that, and it all goes downhill from there.

I can't wait for this year's - for the memories, but also to see what I missed!

17 Nov 03 - 02:03 PM (#1055631)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Okay I'll use this thread and here are the first two of four.
Tape A
LilyAni Arrives        --Hugs and Greetings                                                
Emily does Snuffy's Snuff                                                05:09
Mick's Concert opening                                                13:51
                ???Karens Request
        Shades of Broken Hand                                                Smile in Your Sleep                                                Boston Rose                                                        Molly Macquires                                                
       This Land                                                                 

Story Time/ Max/ Kendall/Mick                                        42:29
        Kendall – Confession
        Mick – Nuns in Galway
        Mick – Sister Primitive
        Kendall – The Truth
Blues Workshop including
Roger From Baltimaore
Duane and   Shelia Thorpe
Dave Diamond
Gut bucketeer
Joel and   ???   Bailes

Combined total    A      1:52:38   

If you have questions I'll try to answer

17 Nov 03 - 02:08 PM (#1055635)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Saturday Concert   Original Tape 2

Kathy Westra        Old Songs
Penny Henderson, Jill Thompson ,       ???         
Charlie Baum And Carly                                                        
Joe Offer Set up Show                                                
Roger Himler                                                        
Death don't show no mercy-John Jackson
Andy Hindley—Button Box                                        
Gorgeous Gary—        Tribute to Musical Heroes who have left us too soon
Gospel Messengers—Adam and Eve                                
Janie and Annie                                                        
Ron Davis Cidea Rap
Dan Schatz                                                        
Joe Offer--You're Always Welcome at Our House                        
Jennifer Woods--Meet You Over the River                                
Bob Clayton &          --High Sheriff                                                                
Jim Thorpe                                                
Shelia Thorpe                                                        
Dave Diamond ==Decaffeinated Coffee                        
David Jones--Westlin Winds                                        
Barbara Hindley(Barbary)                                        
Carole( from Sussex) Etherton                                        
Theresa Tooley--Before We Say Goodbye                                
Elizabeth La Prelle--Pretty Saro                                                                

1 hour 40minutes

17 Nov 03 - 02:14 PM (#1055641)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Official non professional taping disclaimer... these are field recordings not studio cuts... No one has make up we all look bad, but we often sound good. I taped where I happened to be where folks didn't seem to mind and/or gave permission. If you don't want to be included please tell me.

Cost should be the same as last year $15 for the PC CDrom version and $3 to ship it.    I'll check on individual UK shipping, but it's probably better to bullk it.

Well if you saw the other thread, I at least got half the bathrooms cleqaaned before I posssted this... 2 more when my chores are done.


17 Nov 03 - 03:16 PM (#1055665)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Roger in Baltimore


You have my permission.

Roger in Baltimore

17 Nov 03 - 04:42 PM (#1055715)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Barb'ry

Sounds good to me, Tinker - I'd love a copy when they are available

love Barb'ry

17 Nov 03 - 05:02 PM (#1055726)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Barry Finn

Hi Tinker, If you got me I hope it was my best side, while bending over. I'm fine with anything you plan on. If you did video, it'll help me to remember what I look like. Any recordings of anything I did you all can do what you want with them. If you have a recording of the Sunday night concert would you credit me for "These Ol Walls".

LOL, Barry

17 Nov 03 - 06:11 PM (#1055763)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Noreen

Great, Tink (did my singing break the camera or sump'ing?!)

'Twas not the Gospel Messengers- I know 'cos I've met them- it was more likely the Missing Person Soup Kitchen Quartet (is that the right name?) on Saturday Concert Original Tape 2.


17 Nov 03 - 06:17 PM (#1055768)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Bill D

" Bob Clayton & Pete Kraemer --High Sheriff   

" Joel and Pearl Bailes"

looking forward to it

17 Nov 03 - 09:29 PM (#1055860)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Gorgeous Gary

My Saturday concert entry is titled "Fallen Songbirds"

-- Gary

18 Nov 03 - 07:43 PM (#1056576)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: momnopp

Ron and Jan Davies -- isn't it Cicada Rap??? I think the right title is in "the other" thread.

18 Nov 03 - 07:47 PM (#1056580)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: momnopp

Oh, no! You didn't get Dylan reciting John McCutcheon's "Hail to the Chief" first thing at the Saturday concert???? Phooey! I would love to have that recorded.

Guess he'll just have to keep on doing it!


18 Nov 03 - 07:48 PM (#1056581)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Video C

Shellback Concert        -- Info From Handout                                
A. Intros : Derek Seed (organized trip with Dennis Cook)
1. Tom Perry: Yellow Girls: Capstan/Windlass shanty – from Terry, Sharp Harding. Usually sung homeward bound.

2. Noreen Keene: Lowlands away: Originally a Pumping shanty it was later used at Windlass and Capstan.

3. Clive Brooks: Poor Old Horse: Halyard Shanty—originally sung at the ceremony of raising the dead horse to celebrate the fact that the crew was now earning money.

4. Carole Etherton: Bright Star: by Sarah Davis from Kent, UK (1990's) A song expressing the hopes and fears of a sailor thinking of returning home.

5. Steve Nevill: Haul Away Joe: Tack & Sheet shanty – used mainly for hauling aft the foresheet after reefing the fore'l

6. Ruth Harrison: Ellen Vannin: written by Hughie Jones of Liverpool UK in the 1960's about a Liverpool to Ilse of Man ship of unseaworthy condition, which sank in a storm in Liverpool Bay.

7. Vaughan Hully : Married to a Mermaid: words originally from the play "Alfred" performed in London 1740, the air was written by Dr. Thomas Arne.

8. Barbara HIndley: Wild Goose Shanty: Sweating-up shanty popularized by Bert (A.L.) Lloyd.

9. Stuart & Denise Savage: Bold Privateer: from a collection of sosngs from Cornwall (UK) by Ralph Dunstan – a farewell between a privateer & his lover before raiding Spanish and French bullion ships,

10. Derek Seed: Goodbye to the Sea: by 'His Worship &the Pig" of Stoke on Trent (UK) about the decline of Cornish fishing and resultant anger at abuse of quotas & occupational displacement.
11. Andy Hindley: Roll Alabama: Halyard Shanty The Alabama was a 3 masted schooner built in Birkenhead (UK) which claimed over 60 Union vessels before it's demise.

12. Jill Thompson: Rolling Home: possibly based on a poem by Charles Mackay (1858) which might have been a shanty he heard. Popular on English and American ships.

13. Ann Perry: Drunken Sailor: Stamp and go shanty—said by Terry to be used at windlass and Capstan.

14. Alan Whitbread: Constant Lovers: Baring Gould gives this as based on a music-hall parody of a song derived from Captain Digby's Farewell (Roxbury Ballad, 1671) collected in Engalnd, Ireland, & USA.

15. Theresa Tooley: Bully in the Alley: Capstan/ Halyard Shanty associated with the West Indies.

16. Stan Dunnage: Rosianna: Song from John Lomax collection which has become a stalwart among UK chorus songs, particularly in South Wales.

½ of Sunday Concert ( Then I just ran out of energy to film)

Nancy King Into and Kendall                                          
MMario -- Cartaghenea                                                Andy Cooper --Musical Shoes                                                
Jim & Ruth Harrison, Alaska Mike,
Therese Tooley, Colin (ColK) Kemp --Cinderella Skit                
Denise Savage Squeeze Box--Song to a Friend (Savage) ***Could someone check if this can be included?? on this no email available????                                
Denise & Stuart Savage                                                
Dick Levine --Anniversary Song                                        
Ruth Harrison – King of Rome
Alan Whitbread (AlanW)
Barry Finn – These Ol' Walls (Finn)                                
Lucy Goldberg --All the Fine Young Men

18 Nov 03 - 07:54 PM (#1056584)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

All Over the place -- Tape D

Barrel House Piano Jam --        About 9 minutes including
Joel and Pearl Bailes
Dani—Matchbox Blues
(Claymore, Chance, Suzette, Pauline, Gutbucketeer, et al)
Joel -- Stealin' ??
       I'm Goin' Downtown ??

Saturday Evening

Alaska Mike – All my Troubles go bye
             -- Candy Bar Song (
             -- Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Max--Sad Songs and Waltzes                                
Alaska Mike --Anniversary Song                                        
MMario --Kilt
Max --   Frankie and Johnnie                                        
(Partial) shot of Colin and Momnopp                        
SINSULL --Sleep Kentucky Baby
Lucy Goldberg --Fields of Athenry
Big Mick –Loch Tay Boat Song
Alaska Mike –Salmon Love                                        
Susan A-R --Tie a Yellow Handkerchief                                
Shellbacks et al. in Dining room                                 
?????--Rolling Hills of NJ
Dave Diamond --Rosie O                                                                 
Sunday Night
Barry and Theresa—Blow the man down                                
Mick and Theresa --                                                 

Bob Zentz – 1st half hour of concert

Karen Kobela -- Concert

18 Nov 03 - 08:12 PM (#1056592)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Okay folks who want copies....I need to know how many to have made. Anyone who doesn't have my address from the Getaway sheet can PM me. I can't up front this ( last year it was close to $1000) so I need checks in the mail along with the orders. Once I get everyone's money it takes three weeks for the order to come in and then I'll send them right out. This is what they are like Yes Video

I don't do individual orders, because the discounts only kick in with quanity and the price almost doubles if you do it one at a time.

It'll take a couple weeks for me to hear from everyone so patience folks.

Oh, for those who were there, I can also send out 2001 Max Kendall and the Mudcat Trad singers....

18 Nov 03 - 08:13 PM (#1056593)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Jeri

You have mine down as "Wings" - actual title "Wheel of Time."

Can't wait!

18 Nov 03 - 08:16 PM (#1056596)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Jeri

Well, you KNOW I want a set!

18 Nov 03 - 08:58 PM (#1056608)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Dani

Sorry to be dense, Tinker: is it $15 EACH cd? Or for the whole deal? And what's on the 2001 cd?

Just have to figure out what I can sell to buy these.....


18 Nov 03 - 10:03 PM (#1056638)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Unfortunately it is each CD, but you can order whichever ones you want.... 2001 I'll Pm you about, it is really funny if musically suspect. Remember singing California Dreaming with Allan ??? Max and Kendall's mutual admiration society??? There's a reason I'm not offering them to everyone...

19 Nov 03 - 12:10 AM (#1056700)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: karen k

Count me in for a set. Can't wait. Except for my part which I've already seen. Thanks for doing this, Tinker.


20 Nov 03 - 07:33 PM (#1058133)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker


20 Nov 03 - 08:06 PM (#1058155)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Snuffy

Are US DVDs a different format from European ones?

20 Nov 03 - 09:18 PM (#1058197)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: momnopp

Tinker -- what, pray tell, is a, "(Partial) shot of Colin and Momnopp"???????? Or dare I even ask???

:-) You are a gem for doing this (again). Are you taking bets on how fast they'll run (at the store) when they see you coming????

:-D I'll have to see what the budget looks like...



20 Nov 03 - 09:22 PM (#1058200)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Snuffy although this company will do DVD they are twice as expensive. These play directly on the CD rom drive of your computer

20 Nov 03 - 09:26 PM (#1058202)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Tinker

Judy, think a few second long snapshot. It's not a "song".

26 Nov 03 - 09:59 PM (#1061741)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Jeri

Refresheroonie for Tinker, in RodentWorld, USA -
Just in case anybody has any more additions or corrections to the above.

09 Oct 05 - 07:09 PM (#1579726)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Charley Noble

Any update on policy with regard to recording workshops? Do workshop coordinaters need to say something before things start? I'd personally like to record several workshops that I plan to attend but I doubt if I'll be keeping careful notes of who is leading songs.

Charley Noble

09 Oct 05 - 08:03 PM (#1579758)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: kendall

Personally, I prefer to not be recorded. If you like what I do, I'll give you a bargain on a cd or a tape.

09 Oct 05 - 08:40 PM (#1579779)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Ferrara

The Getaway workshops are an open venue, like the Augusta Workshops, where it is pretty much taken for granted that people will record. If workshops leaders would prefer not to be recorded, or not to have their workshop recorded, I hope they will say so.

Once you've made a recording there's a question of what you can and/or should do with the recording. If I think I might want to learn and sing someone's song that I just recorded, I ask permission then and there. Of course, don't release your recordings to other people or use them for commercial purposes without permission.

The evening concerts are another question. Ask permission ahead of time, of each performer you'd like to record. Tinker has recorded part of the evening concerts in the past, with permission, and with permission, she has sold the recordings to people as a souvenir of the Getaway.

Don't record in mini concerts without asking. If a performer has CD's to sell, probably it's a good idea to ask before you record their stuff. (I once saw a performer pick up someone's recorder and click the OFF button, while he kept on singing.) If you prefer not to be recorded, it's a good idea to say so up front.

Does that cover it?


09 Oct 05 - 08:49 PM (#1579783)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Ferrara

Oops, I'd better make it clear -- Tinker didn't make a profit on her video recordings, she jsut asked people to cover her costs. Sorry Tinker if I gave the wrong impression. We have a set, and we love them.

09 Oct 05 - 09:52 PM (#1579814)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Charlie Baum

It's a good idea to ask for permission before you record; at a workshop, you can probably imply asking by being obvious about it, having your recorder/microphone clearly visible. If anyone says they'd rather not be recorded, whether at a miniconcert or just singing a piece in the middle of a workshop or a singaround, please have the good grace to turn off your recorder willingly.

--Charlie Baum

09 Oct 05 - 11:48 PM (#1579850)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Amos

Well, I hope to have an MDR with me through the Getaway and all I can say is your deathless musical phrasing does not deserve to be list to posterity because of worries over copyrights and credits and I hope you will all contribute willingly to the heirloom to our future generations that our songs and singing will become.


10 Oct 05 - 07:34 AM (#1579993)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: GUEST,Bobert

Well, unlike "Augusta" workshops which are more like real instructional classes, the workshops at the Getaway are more like sing-arounds... Some of the folks participatin' might not want to have their stuff recorded so, at least fir the blues workshop, I will make an announcement that if their are any participants who wish not to be recorded to step forward an we'll honor their wishes...

"Blues Styles" workshop facilitator

10 Oct 05 - 09:03 AM (#1580032)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Amos

Well of course we will! That kind of wish is EASY to honor. Wish I could get Bobert to honor some of my other wishes, but he couldn't pass the physical requirements, I'm afraid. No offense. Mebbe he could work on honoring my wish to be independently wealthy.... no physical exam for that one...


10 Oct 05 - 09:17 AM (#1580046)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: kendall

Why would anyone be willing to settle for a poor tape recording of any particular person if they can get a CD of that person?
It costs money to make a studio recording, and if you pirate someone's material, you are, in a way stealing from them.

I'll sell you a CD for $10.00 or a tape for $5.00. Is that fair?

10 Oct 05 - 10:20 AM (#1580078)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: JudyB

Kendall -

If the song or story I want to listen to ten times a day for the next five years because it's so great is on a tape or CD - sure, I'd prefer to buy the tape or CD. But there are all those pearls of wisdom (or maybe pearls of Kendall-ness) that appear spontaneously when you're introducing a song or responding to someone else's song, and it would be a shame if they were lost.

Also, I rather expect many people might sing songs they haven't recorded and will never record - some songs work best live, and others are songs that the singer likes and that fits in well with a workshop topic - but doesn't necessarily fit in well with the body of their work.

Within the constraints of my budget, if I like what someone does at a workshop, I'm likely to buy one (or more) of their CDs - but in my experience, the CDs aren't likely to have the song I fell in love with at the workshop.


10 Oct 05 - 11:09 AM (#1580124)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: KT

I think it's important honor a performer's feelings about recording. When in doubt, ask. If there's a particular song that is not available on CD or tape, the performer may well offer the opportunity to record that one song at a later time during the weekend. Or not, if he has other reasons for not wanting to be recorded........copyright ? Or maybe the song isn't finished? Or maybe the performer thinks his CD carries the rendition he wants remembered? There could be any number of reasons.

10 Oct 05 - 11:28 AM (#1580141)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Bill D

"what minidisk? I don't see any minidisk!...ummm..Please sing into my LEFT shoe."

just be reasonable and fair, folks....*smile*...we have VERY seldom had any problems with this. Those who, for some reason, really do not want recording made should make take responsibility to make it clear, gently but firmly, and everyone should honor this.

10 Oct 05 - 11:32 AM (#1580148)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: Ebbie

Yikes. I will be bringing my MDR and I hope to come home with some of the voices and songs for my 'memory book'.

I do understand, Kendall, about preferring to have someone buy a CD or a tape rather than make an extemporaneous recording- but what about when you are singing with someone at the Getaway? That wouldn't be available on your produced CD.

That said, I'll try to get permission from any and every one beforehand, and I'll TRY to be gracious about a 'no'. *G*

04 Oct 16 - 07:04 PM (#3812790)
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
From: kendall

I don't expect anyone to buy anything I do at the Getaway now, my voice is fishtunken, and I sound like a tame crow.