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Barabara Dickson tour

06 Mar 11 - 06:53 AM (#3107993)
Subject: Barabara Dickson tour
From: Bonzo3legs

Saw Barbara Dickson at the Queen Elizabeth Hall last night, and what a superb concert it was too. Her band included Troy Donockley among others. Pity the accoustics in that space are cathedral-like. Surely she is one of the best all round singers we have - certainly one of the best folk singers.

06 Mar 11 - 11:28 AM (#3108126)
Subject: RE: Barabara Dickson tour

Also saw Barbara Dickson at the Queen Elizabeth Hall last night. She was superb!! Although she sang her hits - the core of the performance was traditional music - sung with such beauty and passion. These songs really come from the heart. Highlights were a triumphant 'King Orfeo' and beautiful performances of 'My Donald', 'Jamie Raeburn' 'The Trees They do Grow High' and 'Smile in Your Sleep'.

Although she received a standing ovation - one gets the impression that Barbara Dickson is undervalued by the folk community. She is a hugely talented artist with folk credentials dating back to the late 60s and who in the past 10 years has done a huge amount in introducing mainstream audiences to folk music. About time she got the appreciation she deserves.

06 Mar 11 - 11:47 AM (#3108133)
Subject: RE: Barabara Dickson tour
From: WalkaboutsVerse seems to me she gets plenty of opportunity on both sides of the border she crossed - BBC R2, RScot, etc.

06 Mar 11 - 12:07 PM (#3108140)
Subject: RE: Barabara Dickson tour
From: Bonzo3legs

From row AA - quite a way back from the stage!

06 Mar 11 - 12:20 PM (#3108154)
Subject: RE: Barabara Dickson tour

Thanks Bonzo3legs
Great photograph of a great artist singing great music!

06 Mar 11 - 03:11 PM (#3108303)
Subject: RE: Barbara Dickson tour
From: GUEST,Guest

There is a curious attitude towards Barbara Dickson in folk circles, bordering almost on snobbery.

As the review above quite rightly states, she is undoubtedly a phenomenally good performer... she wouldn't have survived for over 40 years in the music business otherwise, yet she seems to be forever tarnished in certain circles for daring to have crossed over into pop.

I just wish people would finally ditch their preconceptions of the girl with the bubble perm, singing stuff which was quite frankly a waste of her considerable talents, on shows like The Two Ronnies, and listened honestly and without prejudice to the music she's been doing since the early 90s. She spent years on the folk circuit in the 60s and 70s, is highly regarded by the likes of Phil Cunningham, Archie and Ray Fisher, Mike Harding - and yet some seem still to thing that mainstream success has lost her the right to be taken seriously as a folk singer. Sad.

06 Mar 11 - 03:17 PM (#3108309)
Subject: RE: Barabara Dickson tour
From: s&r

Barbara Dickson is sublime. Whether you like what she sings or has sung she has a pure expressive voice, and a work ethic that earns her every penny she's ever been paid.


07 Mar 11 - 06:17 AM (#3108802)
Subject: RE: Barabara Dickson tour
From: Sailor Ron

Before she 'hit the big time' I booked BD twice at Fleetwood FC. She was the finest ferformer of Scots Trad. songs I'd ever heard. That she moved into stage singing & acting is totally irrelavant, good luck to her. She is still a great interprator of traditional song.