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Tech: Avast antivirus update problem

03 Dec 09 - 01:56 AM (#2779223)
Subject: Tech: Avast update problem

Avast antivirus, which I had been pretty happy with compared to AVG has begun to report false trojan horse messages with their latest update. Soon after the update, I started to use Copernic, and I got the horns a'blarin' warning message, so not really paying attention to what might have been the problem, I told Avast to move the offending file to the chest. Then I went to use Copernic, and surprise, surprise! It wasn't there anymore.

Avast had very nicely tucked my Copernic exe file away in the virus chest. An attempt to reinstall was stopped in its tracks as well. Users reporting in the Avast forum say that it affects any number of programs.

The message reports that Win32:Delf-MZG [Trj] has been found in multiple programs apparently, though the only one that it has disabled for me has been Copernic.

03 Dec 09 - 02:00 AM (#2779226)
Subject: RE: Tech: Avast update problem

Here's a more complete discussion of the problem at

03 Dec 09 - 01:16 PM (#2779753)
Subject: RE: Tech: Avast antivirus update problem
From: EBarnacle

Just in time. I was going to replace AVG Free with Avast on one of our comps this weekend as the slowdown was driving us nuts. I believe I'll wait a while.

03 Dec 09 - 03:25 PM (#2779886)
Subject: RE: Tech: Avast antivirus update problem

I wouldn't say for sure, but it would appear that they have made the necessary adjustments. Today I haven't had any problems. Last night they made five accusations total of infected programs. I was almost 100% sure these were fine. This morning I rescued the Copernic Search from the chest, and everything is working as it should.

I'm pretty satisfied with Avast, but there are others here who are more knowledgeable than I am, so I would check with them.

03 Dec 09 - 07:10 PM (#2780063)
Subject: RE: Tech: Avast antivirus update problem
From: GUEST,Computer shop owner

We use to suggest AVG as a AV solution but about 6 months ago switched to !avast due to large number of false positives by AVG. So, I guess it can happen to any of them.

03 Dec 09 - 08:12 PM (#2780121)
Subject: RE: Tech: Avast antivirus update problem
From: Steve Shaw

My Norton year ran out on November 30 so, after several abortive attempts to install AVG (wassup, guys?), I installed Avast! instead, early on December 1. The free version. Absolutely no problems so far.

03 Dec 09 - 11:38 PM (#2780216)
Subject: RE: Tech: Avast antivirus update problem
From: JohnInKansas

I'm a bit retro, so I've stuck with Norton for quite a few years. The clincher for me was when I found out that with the "Internet Security" versions the update to newer versions is usually free (although it may come through a little after the release) and a single retail purchase covers three computers for one purchase (renewable indefinitely).

The protection (with the full Internet Security package) is about a good as you can get, and with it good for 3 computers it's almost like being free.

Of course if you don't have three machines to put it on it's about like buying any of the other paid packages.

In the couple of instances when I've needed support I've found the support excellent, although just like with most support systems finding the excellent supporter is more or less an accident. Odds (of finding the right contact) have been better with Symantec than with a number of other tech products I'll refrain from naming, although it still takes more than one try sometimes.