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Lyr Req: I Remember Morley (Keith Marsden)

10 May 09 - 10:16 PM (#2628658)
Subject: Lyr Req: I Remember Morley

Many years ago I heard a song called I Remember Morley by Keith Marsden

I think it contained the lines :

"They park vans upon the graves
They sell carpets from the Knave
For religion's dead and God has had his day"

Does anyone please have the full lyrics?

Many thanks

11 May 09 - 12:44 AM (#2628712)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Remember Morley
From: GUEST,Peace

Found about 8 sites that list the song and records it's on, but no luck with the lyrics. Not on Youtube that I could locate.

11 May 09 - 08:59 AM (#2628947)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Remember Morley
From: Dave Hanson

It's in the book ' Picking Sooty Blackberries ' with most of Keith's other songs.

Dave H

11 May 09 - 09:33 AM (#2628968)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Remember Morley
From: matt milton

I take it it's not a song about the adult further education centre in Lambeth North? Their country dancing course is highly respected, I hear.

11 May 09 - 10:14 AM (#2628992)
Subject: Lyr Add: I REMEMBER MORLEY (Keith Marsden)
From: Grampus

Here goes.
Transcribed from the original Cockersdale LP 'Prospect Providence'

I remember Morley when the mills were on the go
And the buzzers sang the chorus through the day
The pay were never lordly, but the gaffer knew yer name
He'd allus listen when you had yer say
But the buzzers wake the sleeping town no longer
The clatter's hushed in every weaving shed
And they're pulling down the mills that used to stand on Morley's hills
It's man made fibers now and shoddy's dead

I remember Morley when we'd little corner shops
I remember all the thousand things they'd sell
Smoked bacon on the slicer, spice in dimpled jars
They had a warm and friendly kind of smell
But the little corner shops will soon have vanished
The supermarket men can 'ardly wait
And God help the old and poor when the small shops are no more
No supermarket ever had a slate

Morley never had much in the way of woods and fields
Where in summer you can tek the kids to play
And most 'a what there was has gone for industrial estates
Or underneath another motorway
So we'll walk no more up Nebshaw Lane to Hudsons
Picking sooty blackberries as we go
And we'll never stroll again, pinching rhubarb down Wide Lane
It's all 'ouses where the rhubarb used to grow

I remember Morley with the church and chapel full
You could hardly get a seat on Sunday night
The preacher promised 'ell fire, till ya trembled in yer pew
And ya prayed unto the Lord in all his might
Now the wind blows through the broken chapel windows
They've torn the pews out where we used to pray
They sell carpets in the naives, they park vans upon the graves
For religion's dead and God has had his day

Though we can't live in the past, the so called good old days
That never were the golden age they seemed
Past times are only good times in an old man's misty eye
Reality was never like the dream
So sit and watch yer colour television
Put aside ideals and dreams of yesteryear
Or grab what you can, forget the brotherhood of man
Jerusalem will not be builded here.

Wonderful song from a wonderful man.!

11 May 09 - 11:07 AM (#2629012)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Remember Morley
From: Emma B

Keith Marsden - greatly missed

As Dave Hanson said the lyrics, together with many other favourites, are in the book ' Picking Sooty Blackberries - The songs of Keith Marsden'

From the book......

'Keith wrote the song as a lament for the passing of a way of life that might not really have existed.

As the mills were closing the social cohesion provided by church and chapel was crumbling and Morley was being swallowed up by Leeds and losing its identity'

A little anecdote is also given about the trips to Wide Lane to pinch rhubarb with Keith being identified as the miscreant by his shock of 'leet heeair'

11 May 09 - 02:54 PM (#2629174)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Remember Morley

Many many thanks for all your help!!