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Best acoustic guitar under $1000?

03 May 08 - 01:33 PM (#2332084)
Subject: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Joe Moran

Any suggestions? I would like a loud instrument, and a first string that really sings!

03 May 08 - 01:36 PM (#2332088)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Acorn4

Try Canadian maker Seagull - not quite sure of the dollar/ sterling situation at the moment but think this would be within your budget.

03 May 08 - 01:43 PM (#2332092)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Midchuck

Martin 000-15S.

Pay attention to the "S." That's important.


03 May 08 - 01:52 PM (#2332099)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Leadfingers

If you are on a limited budget , buying a GOOD used guitar gives you more instrument for your dollar than having a New Box !

03 May 08 - 02:05 PM (#2332108)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Backwoodsman

Go to a number of retailers shops, try a lot of guitars, buy the one that plays and sounds best TO YOU!

No-one can tell YOU what guitar to like - it's 100% up to you.

03 May 08 - 02:24 PM (#2332140)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,DonMeixner

We've beat this horse many times before.

Be more concerned about how the guitar sounds and fits and less about the playability. Playability and set up can be changes to a great degree.
How it sounds acoustically to a much lesser degree.

And last of all the name. I have played Martin's that sounded like an interior door and Harmonys that sounded like heaven.

On a limited budget look for a good used instrument. Looks beyond a decent finish contribute nothing at all to the sound of the guitar.


03 May 08 - 02:55 PM (#2332160)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Big Al Whittle

what would you like the first string to sing - light opera, a selection from The Sound of Music, Remember Pearl Harbour......

There aren't many Japanese models that do that last one.

03 May 08 - 03:00 PM (#2332165)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Escapee

My favorite inexpensive guitar is the Seagull. I don't have one but I really like the ones I've played in stores. Around $400 for the S6, and around $500 for an acoustic-electric version.
Good luck.

03 May 08 - 03:17 PM (#2332176)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Texas Guest

I agree with Leadfingers and Don Meixner - there are plenty of good used guitars out there to be had for "a grand." Having written that, however, I'm very fond of my Breedlove and although it is a custom guitar, I've played several Atlas Breedlove's that are really
nice for the price; but again, hunt you up a nice used one and as
Don Meixner wrote - don't pay much attention to the cosmetic flaws.
Good hunting. Cheers.

03 May 08 - 08:35 PM (#2332323)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Greycap

Blueridge do some very respectable guitars at a reasonable price.

03 May 08 - 09:37 PM (#2332342)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Padre

I'll second Midchuck's recommendation - I have both a D-15S and a
000-15S. The 000-15S (I paid ~$750 for it) really has the kind of sound I look for to accompany my singing. I save the D-15S for playing with other musicians.


03 May 08 - 10:23 PM (#2332355)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Beer

Blueridge BG40.
Beer (adrien)

04 May 08 - 05:42 PM (#2332870)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Grab

Seagull, Cort, Larrivee, Taylor, Avalon, Martin, Yamaha, Guild, etc, etc...

The best answer is to find as many good guitar shops round your way as possible (by "good", I mean "stocks at least four of the eight makes above" as a rule of thumb). Hit the shops, and play as many instruments as you can. Buy the one you like best.

If there's any other way of finding a good instrument, I don't know what it is.


04 May 08 - 08:55 PM (#2332971)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?

Norman (Godin Guitars) has a great one at just under $1,000, the ST68. Bright,lively and wide necked,it's my next purchase after trying out about 2,000 different makes and models.
Check out the reviews...(here's one)

04 May 08 - 08:56 PM (#2332972)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?

Fogot to sign in again, Last post was Clipper.. :-}

04 May 08 - 09:44 PM (#2332990)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Big Al Whittle

two of my favourite guitarists Steve Tilston and Ken Nicol seem to have some connection with a new company called Moondog. The back is made out a sandwich of carbon between two boards - a revolutionary design!

Comes with good electronics and a hard case fro under 700.

I think Faith are very good, there are some great bargains to be had.

05 May 08 - 06:26 AM (#2333181)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: banjoman

Never found anything as good as my Lakewood which cost about 500 pounds 10 years ago - wouldnt part with it

05 May 08 - 02:39 PM (#2333433)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Jim

There are many Harmony Sovereigns (sp?) to be found for under $1000 (The last one I saw was $500) and these are great guitars. John Sebastion played one in the Woodstock Movie. Ian Tamblin has a few of these and plays them regularly. Washboard Hank plays one when his Martin's in the shop. These are dreadnoughtish shaped guitars with solid spruce tops.
If you can find an old Swedish Goya or Levin, these are great guitars too. I paid under $500 for mine.

05 May 08 - 02:49 PM (#2333446)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: John MacKenzie

If I were that side of the pond, I'd be buying this


05 May 08 - 10:58 PM (#2333786)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Billy

Taylor makes some excellent acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars for less than $1,000. The 2 series is very bright and easy to play.
FYI the first # is the series - the higher, the more expensive. the next two #s indicate the body style: 12=dreadnaught, 14=grand auditorium, 15=jumbo. The following letters indicate e=electric and c=cutaway. So a 214ce would be a 2 series concert grand cutaway electric. Hope this helps. Check out Ebay for some better prices on used instruments.

06 May 08 - 03:54 PM (#2334284)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Joe Moran

Thanks for all the replies. They've certainly given me something to think about!

07 May 08 - 04:14 AM (#2334646)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Black Hawk on works PC

I am not a fan of Taylors but last year I became the owner of a Taylor GA3 acoustic.
Lovely guitar for finger pickin' & really sings.
Admired by many.
Price in UK 1000 so I would imagine that it falls in your price range in the US

20 May 08 - 10:38 PM (#2345731)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Doug

I have a Atlas series Breedlove, and I love it. Have played many guitars <$1000 and this had the best sound. Fishman pickups etc are great. Got mine new for $650 (normally closer to $900). Good luck

20 May 08 - 11:04 PM (#2345744)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: olddude

I wanted a knock around guitar instead of always beating on my old Martin. I found an alvarez ad80ssb and absolutely love the sound out of it. They are around 400 dollars american - street price but play a bunch of them in a music store and find the great one. I got mine used from a friend and it is wonderful in all regards

21 May 08 - 04:43 AM (#2345853)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,klive

K.Yairi quite simply are the finest quality guitars I have played and what they cost is incredible when you compare them to the big names. They are all hand built and are built with high quality timber which even goes for the laminates. Sold my Taylor and bought one of these and it is streets ahead in terms of what I look for in a guitar. For starters it is on of the most comfortable guitars to play. For recording the Taylor doesn't even register compared to the Yairi. My Taylor was all solid the Yairi has laminated back and sides but who cares it sounds amazing looks stunning and will do the lietime thing. All come with bone nut and saddle as standard and when you see how they alone are cut and shaped you'll realise that whoever built them seriously cares about what they are doing. I cannot recommend them highly enough and if they were built in the U.S. would probably be going for around 3 or 4 times what they cost. Don't buy a Taylor or a Martin cos you're paying for the name and sure some of their really pricey guitars are nice and all that but why pay so much it's just high street branding. Get a Yairi it will be the best decision you ever make on a guitar.

21 May 08 - 07:03 PM (#2346479)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Gene Burton

Can I put in a plug for the Taylor Big Baby- outstanding projection for a guitar not only of its size but for ANY size, lovely bright, chiming tone...and incredibly light to carry around & eminently portable. I bought mine about 4 years ago; paid 380 then though that might be different now. I was prepared to pay up to a grand or so; checked out yer Martins, Guilds, other Taylors etc.; and the Big Baby was the best (to my ears) by a long way.

13 Jul 08 - 05:49 PM (#2387979)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,kmarte

Breedlove Atlas series are an incredible value for the money.I like them much better than most of the other 1000 dollar guitars out there.

14 Jul 08 - 04:02 AM (#2388227)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Big Al Whittle

Tried the Moondog - keith Christmas had one and I don't like it. It has a neck abit like the Fyldes. Sort of wide.

14 Jul 08 - 10:31 AM (#2388426)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: bubblyrat

My favourite and regular guitar, after about 6 years now, is a Silver series Avalon with solid cedar top and laminated mahogany back and sides-----Loud,strong,easy to hold and play,and the Fishman Matrix Pro-Plus pickup is fine for general use. Cost 550 brand new, and worth every penny and more, in my opinion !! ( Look for an early one, though----about six years old, say--the quality has dropped off a bit as numbers increased ).And , as others have said, give Blueridge and Faith a try --I'd have a look at "Vintage", too.

14 Jul 08 - 10:43 AM (#2388436)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Lowden Jameswright

Simon & Patrick, Norman, Faith, Freshman, Yairi, Larivee, Lakewood, or if your budget will stretch to it - a used Lowden

06 Sep 08 - 12:46 AM (#2432389)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Chris Atkins

As many have mentioned it is completely up to what you are looking for.

You can buy a quality new guitar or put yourself out there and buy a used higher end guitar.

So far I have been fortunate with both of these methods.

I have owned a Seagull S6+ for about five years and have been pleased with its sound both unplugged and amplified.

I also own two Normans. One B20 CW HG with the Fishman prefix electronics and one B20 CW with the fishman prefix pro electronics. I love these guitars and will never part with them. I think my next guitar will be a ST68CW.

The sound of the Normans are very mellow unplugged, but once plugged in I find that they cut through the band mix very well.

I was fortunate and found a 2003 Taylor 410ce (Fishman electronics) on Ebay for $1000. It by far has the richest tone and overall best value of any instrument that I own. This one is a "lifer" as well.

I like my wife's Big Baby Taylor as well. It has about 80% of the sound of a mid-level Taylor for 40% of the price. Its a great student guitar and a great travel companion.

I have also owned a Larrivee LV03. It was a beautiful instrument, but its tone was not THAT much better than my (plugged in) Normans that I could justify owning it. But I have a great appreciation for what Larrivee is putting out there.

06 Sep 08 - 07:11 AM (#2432494)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: kendall

Used quality guitar every time.When I found my Taylor 810 on consignment in the music store, that was it. Love at first sight. At the time, I had a J 45 Gibson that I got new in 1956. It couldn't hold a candle to the Taylor so I gave it to a good friend who likes Gibsons.

I've not been impressed with the smaller Taylors, in fact, I'm not impressed by any small guitar.

If you want a car, new and shiny is good, but in a guitar, it is worthless. It's all about sound, sound, sound. Playability can be acquired. Even Martins can be made to play easy.

06 Sep 08 - 10:28 AM (#2432579)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Jayto

I agree about the Seagull. I love seagull guitars they are great guitars for a good price. I recommend them all the time to people. The day my oldest son was born I went and bought a seagull for him. I okay a Langejans guitar That I play most of the time (I love by the way lol) but I would have no reservations about using my son's or my friends Seagull for a gig or session. They are great guitars.

06 Sep 08 - 10:58 AM (#2432601)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: olddude

Forget the brand, just forget it. You have to play lots of them. There are inexpensive guitars that will sound like angels, you just have to find them. Expensive guitars are expensive because they are somewhat consistent. You hear of bad martins or taylors but not too often. I have an alvarez that sounds like heaven and I paid nearly nothing for it. I just didn't want to keep beating my old martin so I bought a knock around. Well it is a beautiful sounding guitar. And playing several others at a music store of the same brand I could not use them as a planter for flowers they are so bad. Moral of the story, forget the brand, play play play, they are all different you will find a great one I promise. A lot has to do with the guy or girl behind the guitar. I take my old martin and I make it sound like a high school kid just starting. I am bad ...
take a 50 dollar junk in the hands of a Murdoch or Bankley or Ditty and it sounds like angels ... no matter what I play it will always be thin .. so find the guitar and keep working. I am sure you are great, I am not, so I struggle but it is one of the struggles in my life that I actually enjoy

06 Sep 08 - 11:41 AM (#2432624)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Jayto

I agree with olddude. I think it is good to get some input on what brands offer more consistant quality for less money but they all make bad guitars. I played an Alvarez when I won the National Championships for thumbstyle. I beat out guys playing very expensive guitars in that same competition. I still have a gibson dove knock off made by Pan that I bought for $40 when I first started playing that I play. On sessions alot of times I play a cheap Danelectro and people always comment on how great the tone is (soundguys and other musicians people who really know tone). I did a gig down in Nashville a few weeks ago and was playing a strat I have that I bought years ago for $4000. Mid ways through the show I decided to switch to my son's guitar that I had brought as a back up. It is a real cheap Epiphone Les Paul. I had bought it for around $100. It screamed and I about choked. It sounded so much better than my strat I could not believe it. The crowd even noticed how much better it sounded on what we were doing. My girlfriend came up after the gig and was asked me what I did different because my tone improved or as she put it "You sounded a whole lot better the second half of the gig. What happened?" She is not musical other than having a love for music (and me I guess lol). So don't go on name alone. I don't really care for high end Taylors that well (I don;t mean to make anyone mad about this that has one but it is just prefrence) There are alot of guitar brands that I just don't like. They are brands that are regarded as high end great brands and fetch a high price. You have to watch sometimes on higher end guitars you are paying for name and ornamentation (that is a big pet peave for me). I like plain guitars where the wood rings. I love to hear the wood with nothing hindering it;s resonance. A price may have little to do with playability and more to do with decoration and name. I have 3 expensive guitars that I play. On the other hand I have alot more cheaper guitars the I play way more. Out of my 3 expensive guitars I really only play one very much. The others just kinda collect dust. It is funny though they are the ones people go "Oh Man!!! You have that guitar!! Whoa!!!" but it is the cheaper guitars (with the exception of my Langejans) that people go "Whoa man I dig that tone. That sounds killer." Kepp that in mind when you are looking at guitars man.

06 Sep 08 - 11:59 AM (#2432636)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: olddude

in fairness, no matter what you put in your hands it is going to sound like it came from God ... but for us mortals, we will have to search for sure.



06 Sep 08 - 06:23 PM (#2432876)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Jayto

I appreciate it olddude. It is unusual for me but I am speechless. Ya'll are gonna learn the best way to make me shut up is to say something really nice. Now stop it you are making me feel funny lol.

07 Sep 08 - 06:02 PM (#2433611)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Fortunato

I bought this guitar, our second Blueridge for one son, it's still available. It is excellent and compares well to other solid wood guitars. The workmanship is excellent and elderly's setup is flawless. BlueRidge Br-140 $787.50 at Elderly.

07 Sep 08 - 10:31 PM (#2433767)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Jayto

I have bought a couple of guitars from Elderly. I trust anything about them. Never had a single complaint about that place at all. I was nervous about buying a guitar online a few years back but a few years and guitar purchases later I can say that Elderly is a great place to purchase anything from. I would highly reccommend it for any online guitar purchase.

08 Sep 08 - 11:06 AM (#2434118)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,John from Elsie`s Band

          I recently bought a Faith FJ, Natural series for 360 including an extraordinary case and I cannot recommend them enough.

08 Sep 08 - 12:45 PM (#2434237)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Lonesome EJ

Can you still get the Martin D-16 at right around 1000? That's what I paid, and everyone who plays it says it is a terrific guitar.

08 Sep 08 - 05:19 PM (#2434532)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Bert

Backwoodsman says it best. The only thing that I would add would be take along a friend and do a blindfold test on all the guitars of the style that you prefer.

Did that at Sam Ash once and their cheapest acoustic came out the best.

09 Sep 08 - 12:46 AM (#2434847)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Guest from Sanity

It's not always the make!..For instance, In 1971,I had a Yamaha FG 110, that was stolen so I went in to replace it..there were a rack of Yamahas in the store...I had to play all of them, to see which one I liked, because the all, for the most part were just a little different than the other. I settled for a beauty, FG 140...But note: when I was in L.A.
in a recording studio, I brought my old Yamaha FG 110, and my Martin D-21,..Played both of them, but recorded with the Yamaha!!! Used Guild Phosphor bronze strings,(light)!!..Great sound!

Several years later, I was getting my Martin re-done..the store took 11 months to do it to my specs....they liked it so much, the offered me ANY
Martin in the store, PLUS $800.00!....I PLAYED THEM ALL for the same reason,..but stayed with my D-21.
Moral of this true them all...pick the one you like the best...if you are not really turned on by any of them....KEEP SHOPPING!!!!!!!
Love ya' all....B sharp, but B natural!

09 Sep 08 - 10:10 AM (#2435161)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Jayto

You know Guest from Sanity mentioned something that is important (I agree with GFS 100% anyway) The strings make a big difference. Alot of times newer gutiarists don't realize how much difference strings make on a guitar. I know with my guitars I uses different type strings on each one. One type of strings just doesn't sound the same on each guitar. The string material may make one guitar sound perfect and another guitar sound like a tin plate. Whatever guitar you decide on try different types of strings to see which pulls the tone out of it and which zaps the tone.

10 Sep 08 - 07:31 AM (#2436044)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Grab

Too true Jayto.

New guitar, I've always restrung with D'Addarios to see how it sounds. For me, they're the most uninteresting-sounding strings in the world, but that makes them a perfect reference point. From that reference point, you can then choose strings to dial in whatever extra characteristics will suit.

10 Sep 08 - 05:51 PM (#2436717)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Rich

Steve should be able to help you

29 Mar 09 - 04:57 PM (#2600026)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?

thanks for the advice it seems never mind about the name just keep trying different guitars till you find the one you really like

04 Jun 09 - 02:23 PM (#2648392)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: the outlaw

The Epiphone Masterbuilt acoustics are the best guitars under $1000
all solid wood and they sound awesome they even rival some Gibsons

04 Jun 09 - 02:47 PM (#2648411)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Jayto

I was just talking to a guy about this.

Seagull- Without a doubt. Try one of the plain looking ones. The more decoration the wose it will sound. A friend of mine and I both have one and they sound like a guitar that is easily over a grand.

Godin- yep yep.

That is my 2 favs under a grand. If I was buying an acoustic right now it would probably be a Seagull. I love my friends so much I would play it at gigs if he would let me lol. He doesn't trust me with ;)

I don't care about the dollar value Seagulls are good guitars period. At any price they are good. I know I sound like a commercial but sometimes man the truth is the truth.

20 Dec 09 - 08:35 AM (#2792693)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Fidjit

Anyone experience with

Mate has bought a second hand LGX

Good acoustics sound coming from an Electric Guitar. Sounded good and nice wide neck. Difficult to obtain price for such. model.

Next model is lGX SA

Wot Ya Fink ?


20 Dec 09 - 09:31 AM (#2792719)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: mrmoe

I'm very fond of the 03 series (recording series) Larrivees.....street price - about $1000

20 Dec 09 - 09:58 AM (#2792733)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: t.jack

go to store with friend.sit down blindfolded,he hands you a number of different guitars ,you play ,you like action? you like sound,put that one aside.He sits down plays the ones you chose ,you listen not not looking at guitar but LisetN.Walk away with your guitar .forget trying to define it by name ,etc, every tree is different.

20 Dec 09 - 10:36 AM (#2792757)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Dan Schatz

If you're willing to spend just a little over $1000 - maybe $1200 - you can get Nick Apollonio to make you a guitar that will outshine any other you've ever played. This is a limited time offer - it's only good until Nick comes to his senses and starts charging what his instruments are worth.


20 Dec 09 - 10:40 AM (#2792762)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: McGrath of Harlow

One thousand dollars for an acoustic guitar? Good grief.

20 Dec 09 - 01:17 PM (#2792897)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Willie-O

I'm not a fan of Seagull/Norman/S&P/Godin etc...some are OK but if you're looking at spending close to $1000, don't go there--they won't have the resale value a couple of years later if you fall out of love. (EG my bandmate had a decent Norman, upgraded to a Martin and they offered her $200 tradein on the Norman...which had cost her $900 new). So don't be so quick to believe everyone that says "never mind the name". A Martin, Taylor, Gibson etc will hold its value very well, even if its an unspectacular instrument.

Guild dreadnoughts from the 80's and 90's can be very good buys.

Gretsch is making some very cool flattops for only about $600 top, half-moon soundhole, a serious candidate for an inexpensive working guitar with panache.

Eastman, which is shaking up the mandolin world with its pricing on very high-quality instruments made in China (I just bought one), is also making guitars in that very price range--I'd check it out, considering they claim to have ADIRONDACK spruce tops and Indian rosewood bodies.   

And Blueridges are definitely popular among working musicians.

Have fun looking.


20 Dec 09 - 05:05 PM (#2793092)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: The Sandman

I rate Seagulls,I have had two,and people pestered me to sell them,I wish I had kept them.

20 Dec 09 - 05:54 PM (#2793127)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Gurney

I just bought a Jack & Danny Brothers dreadnaught, used, online, NZ$83. It is lovely, and perfectly set up. Beautifully made in Taiwan.
Bought it from a Scotsman who brought it over, but never played it because he couldn't. They start at UKL 100, I think. Look at them.

20 Dec 09 - 07:50 PM (#2793210)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Greycap

BlueRidge are great. I'm speaking as an owner of three Martins & and good Takamine.
If I was to buy another guitar, it would be a BlueRidge.

15 Feb 10 - 12:22 AM (#2839502)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?

I just bought a Martin DMX at a pawnshop for $340. To be honest, I can't make up my mind whether or not it was a good move. The tone is absolutely gorgeous and it resonates nicely, but it has no power. My old Epiphone used to absolutely wail. I've played shows with it, and drowned people out at jam sessions. The Martin does sound prettier and has much better action, but it's a cricket in comparison. I assumed at the time that all Martins were good solid wood guitars. Imagine my surprise when I investigated the thing and found it had a laminate top. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Martin. Lots of good reviews but mostly from Christian/gospel players and they never get upset about anything.

15 Feb 10 - 08:37 AM (#2839773)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: bubblyrat

If you want virtually ANY guitar to sound better & louder, pull the plastic bridge-pins out,and replace with solid brass ones , or you can get spun aluminium ones (Martin use them ). Over the past several years,a number of people who have heard my Martin / Avalon /Guild / and ,yes,Yamaha, guitars have switched to solid metal pins,and been "converted" ! Go on, try it !!
      Getting back to thread title---I recently bought a second-hand Guild GAD 40 , cased,for about 375-00 GBP . OK, so made in China, but so what ?? Solid Sitka spruce top? Solid mahogany back AND sides ? Martin-style fretboard inlays ? MOP dot-markers ?? Fishman Matrix pick-up ? Very "easy" action ? Lovely tone ? Simple looks ? Really nice ,well-made case ??      Go, seek one out !!!

14 Nov 10 - 11:33 PM (#3032354)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: ollaimh

i'm a big fan of yamaha red label guitars made in japan uo to 1973 , including the nipon gakki labelled ones. they can be really cheap but are well made and designed so they are worth repairing a bit.

the k.yairi's are also great as said. there were also s. yairi's that are excelent. i'm suggesting second hand guitars.

all the canadian guitars from seagull and the other quebec luthiers have their worth. i like the norman best--especially old used ones and they are often very cheap. the same family and thier friends made all these lines. simon patrick, art and luthiere lysthe real quebecois guitar), and seagull.even kamouraska and norman. if you are travelling to canada they are cheaper here.i found a black painted norman dreadnought for $60, to give to a friends kid. a great guitar . looked like hell but he was a teen and liked the hell look.(that's an unusaully cheap find)and i had a totally laminate art and luthierre from a yard sale for $50, that was the best cheapo i've ever had--gave it to a friend after his house burnt down--with guitars.

second hand stores and junk shops and even the local buy and sell are all worth trolling . i got a gibson j45 from 1956 out of my buy and sell for $800. its beat up like a canadian socialist at a tea party convention , but sounds like its got an amp with reverb.i will have to put some cash into repair but its worth it.

and the japanese lowdens occasionally still turn up and they were great. i have noticed that the odd ball lowden models aren't too expensive on e bay. the mahagony ones mostly but lowden made some of the best mahogony guitars ever made , i prefer them and bought one.

i think people get focused on the look of some woods and forget the sound.

so seagull, and the rest of their family, yairi's , old yamahas and for a bit more odd ball lowden guy also mentioned goyas and levins. they are very rare in canada but well worth it as well. and check out hagstroms new models of aucoustic guitars. they have a model for about $400 that blew my ears off.

15 Nov 10 - 02:31 AM (#3032400)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Mark Ross

Check out the guitars made in China sold under the brand name Recording King. I played a couple of them this afternoon at the the local music store. Their copy of a Gibson Nick Lucas was impressive, as was the dreadnaught I tried. But the one that really knocked my socks off was a 12 fret slot head parlor model. It had great presence, and was under $600.

Mark Ross

15 Nov 10 - 07:57 AM (#3032567)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Desi C

O agree with Backwood's Man
I found my Crafter by trying out various makes in a guitar shop, at around 400 it sounded much better than models three times the price. Crafter I rate as the better enbd of the not too expensive range. But as Backwood's man says, don't go too much on brand names, I just picked my Crafter up and knew instantly it was right for me

19 Mar 11 - 07:08 PM (#3117249)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: KatyBob

Two years ago I bought a Recording King triple O solid rosewood back and sides. I can't remember more than it is a something 27. It cost 450-ish cdn (on sale for 375) and it is punchy, balanced, very responsive, has developed a nice bass tone and plays like an OM. Looks real pretty too. It's a little heavier than a Martin, and the pre-war wide triangular section neck might not be to everyone's taste, but I find it a finger-pickers delight. It can also be bloody loud when I flat pick. At the moment it's getting the neck straightened, which is just s**t that happens sometimes.
It is a great smaller body instrument, especially for a woman.
So, that's my two cents.

20 Mar 11 - 07:38 AM (#3117469)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: C-flat

Echoes my sentiments here

Recording King are terrific value for money!


20 Mar 11 - 08:43 AM (#3117493)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: bigchuck

Lots of good ideas here. I own 3 of the Guild GAD guitars and like them a lot, perhaps the best chinese made guitar I have heard is the Eastman E10D (adirondack top, mahogany back and sides) which is generally available for just shy of a grand with case.


20 Mar 11 - 10:08 AM (#3117527)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,Alan Whittle

I think it always depends on who is playing it.

22 Jun 12 - 06:34 AM (#3366567)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: GUEST,essem58

guitars are personal you have to try as many as pos but I'll be surprised if you can beat a Gibson L130. Made from Bubinga and mahogany it's the best thing they make at Bozeman Montana and a future classic for sure. If you want vintage have a look at 60's Framus guitars you could'nt get that wood these days and the Germans are really good at making stuff - Taylors on the other hand are computer built crap

22 Jun 12 - 06:41 AM (#3366570)
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
From: Musket

When I was buying last, I ended up raising my budget but when I was looking at e few hundred as the budget, I really liked playing a selection of Breedlove guitars. They all had slightly different qualities but all were easy to play, good volume, (the trademark side hole allows you personally to hear the guitar which helps immensely with pitching your singing,) and looked wonderful.