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Tuneless in Cornwall

11 Mar 08 - 03:45 AM (#2285098)
Subject: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: Cappuccino

Having moved down to the top of the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall eight months ago, I have so far managed the grand total of one jam session and one recording session !   However, I am not yet ready to retire... is there anyone in this area who needs someone who can handle bass (electric for 25 years, but just learning stand-up doghouse bass) or guitar (acoustic, folk/blues/gospel, fingerstyle of flatpick) or L-plate-level mandolin? However, I regret my vocals are... appalling.   If there is anyone interested in adding vocal to some folk-gospel guitar tracks already recorded, that would be equally helpful.

And believe me, living on the Cornwall seafront in this week's storms is quite something... !


11 Mar 08 - 12:09 PM (#2285364)
Subject: RE: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: GUEST,Pete Peterson

Are you familiar with the Friends of American Old Time Music And Dance? (FOAOTMAD)

If you email " info@foaotmad.org.uk " I suspect you will get answers. (I know several members who live in Cornwall (and have been to sessions in Paul and at the Lizard) and am refraining from posting their addresses in this forum without their consent-- but they are out there!

good luck!

11 Mar 08 - 03:51 PM (#2285594)
Subject: RE: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: GUEST,John in Cornwall

hi Cappuccino

Paul is still running on a Tuesday night. as is Cadgwith (I'm there most Tuesdays so drop in and play along. (The session got a bit precious ie. don't sit there that's my chair, for a while, but those folks have moved on).
Alternate wednesdays Admiral Benbow Penzance. All a bit far from Roseland possibly. Try Folknews Kernow

Ignore Googles "this site may harm your computer" message.

Hope this helps

John (vocally tuneless in Cornwall)

12 Mar 08 - 06:45 AM (#2286139)
Subject: RE: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: thimblerigg

Hello Cappuccino,
you have found to your cost that mid Cornwall is shall we say not the high spot of our music scene. But Welcome.
I am a trad folk singer looking for a musician to accompany me as I have some proposed gigs where I will die if left to my own devices as the gigs are mostly in pub so accompanyment will get me through and who knows may produce further gigs.
I have been singing since the mid sixtys concentrating on traditional songs and more recently have been researching songs from Cornwall.
I wish to explore electric guitar for some of the songs I have researched recently but am also interested in acoustic.
I live on the north side of St Austell so am not far from you on the Roseland.
Should you fancy a punt let me know and we can meet and see if we can make something in this wilderness.



12 Mar 08 - 07:25 AM (#2286160)
Subject: RE: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: Steve Shaw

Trouble with Cornwall is that you need a fair bit of energy to get around to places where things are happening. Someone has to drive and not drink and you can end up doing 60, 70 or 80 mile return trips and getting home at two in the morning. Just take a butchers at where Bude is on a map and see how far it is to anywhere big. :-(

12 Mar 08 - 10:42 AM (#2286333)
Subject: RE: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: Cappuccino

Isn't that right, Steve - I have an aged mother in Falmouth, which from here is perhaps five miles as a boat could sail.   By car, it's nearly a 60-mile round trip!

Thank you all - suggestions of pints and all sessions gratefully appreciated, will follow up, and my contact details are at http://www.skywriter.demon.co.uk/   if anyone fancies getting in touch direct.   I look forward to meeting all of you!

Where on earth is Paul, please??? I shall look it up...

Thanks, folks. see you soon, I hope.

- C.

12 Mar 08 - 03:42 PM (#2286686)
Subject: RE: Tuneless in Cornwall
From: GUEST,John in Cornwall

Paul is just above Moushole