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BS: A war with drugs

14 Nov 07 - 05:23 PM (#2193867)
Subject: BS: A war with drugs
From: Donuel

When it was suggested to GWB that we could get 2 birds with one stone in Afghanistan by buying the entire poppy crop and leaving the muslim radicals out of the profit loop and the mafia out of the heroin trade as well as many other profitable advantages.

His response:

"Don't you realize we are waging a war on drugs AND terrorism?"

But my initial idea regarding waging war with drugs is my invention of an aerial weapon distribution system that would administer a variant combination of heroin and Rozarium that would leave the victims to go about their business in a somnambulistic state that they would not be aware of and thus render them unwilling and unable to respond with effective belligerence in the midst of war.

The risk of exposure to our own troops remains a major stumbling block. They seem to seek out exposure for some reason.

14 Nov 07 - 09:44 PM (#2194030)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: Peace

Hell. Why send troops, then? Just do the spraying.

15 Nov 07 - 10:16 AM (#2194396)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: Donuel

In keepoong with the editorial cartoon nature of my posts...

I started the Santa Claus make over.

Due to global warming and the melting of the north pole some changes needed to be made.

First of all the beard had to go. After all Santa isn't a muslim.
The reindeer are replaced with killer whales due to the melted artic ocean and with Black Hawk helicopters for chimney access.

Extra whales and horsepower for the helicopter is required due to the extra lead and magnets in the toys as well as the date rape drugs in Aqua Dots. China has also found that using DU is cheaper than any other metal for toy cars and trucks and as you know DU is pretty heavy.

The suit is still red but a flag lapel pin has been added. Also advertising by Abercrombie and Fitch as well as the kind of ads we see on NASCAR ubiforms have been added.

The nationality of the north pole is currently in question due to the ocean floor land grab by Russsia for oil exploration so Santa will be subject to immigration search and siezure by TSA.

15 Nov 07 - 10:29 AM (#2194407)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: Donuel

btw there is a literal war with drugs...

we do give our fighter pilots meth amphetamine for improved performance reasons. Sadly there have been 2 friendly fire incidents due to the the heightened sense of awareness of US fighter pilots.
One involved killing Canadian troops in Iraq.

21 Dec 09 - 07:57 PM (#2793960)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: GUEST,Falco

I am puzzled as to how a high-profiled individual such as Pete Doherty (a so-called musician) can be caught with drugs again and again and not receive a jail term ?

He was in court today (third time this year) and was let off with a fine.

Doherty was again spared jail after being convicted of drink/drug driving. He was let off with a 2,050 fine and a 18-month driving ban at Gloucester Crown Court after admitting careless and drink/drug driving in the city. He is already serving a suspended sentence.

But moments later, officers at the court arrested him on suspicion of possessing an unnamed "controlled drug".

Yes he arrived at court with more drugs !

21 Dec 09 - 09:30 PM (#2794003)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: GUEST,999

"Money doesn't speak, it swears" from the Gospel of Bob.

22 Dec 09 - 05:20 PM (#2794582)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: akenaton

Drug addiction, especially heroin addiction, is an illness.

Punishment, even for Mr Docherty, will not stop his addiction.
The only punishment which will cure heroin addiction is Capital punishment.

Most heroin users have severe psychiatric problems, problems which are usually a large factor in their becoming addicted in the first place.

We need to instigate a programme geared to defeating addiction, not simply stabilising the addicts. This problem will cost many millions, but if we really believe ourselves to be a caring society,we have no alternative.

22 Dec 09 - 07:08 PM (#2794649)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: GUEST,Falco

Drug addiction is not a medical condition which can be cured, but simply a question of moral weakness.

Most of us have addictions of one kind or another, even if we don't want to admit to them. But then recognising this is the first step to freeing ourselves - and it is all a matter of will power. It was through will power I gave up ciggies, and (please don't laugh, it wasn't funny) chocolate and sugar (ie anything sweet). Calling it a medical condition only panders to the addict. If the "Smiling Do-gooders" enforcing this myth would talk a long walk off a short pier it would be a start. We must press the government to increase sentences. That would be a start.

22 Dec 09 - 08:07 PM (#2794687)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: akenaton

Falco...I'm sorry but you are really wrong here. I have quite a bit of experience in this subject and I'm afraid there are very few "Smiling Do-gooders" involved with the support or treatment of addicts.
I too gave up cigarettes many years ago, but that can never be equated with getting off heroin. Getting off the official prescribed substitute (methadone) is much harder still.
Most addicts are in addition, battling against their personal psychological demons....locking them up would be ineffective as well as unaffordable.
As I said already we need a long term and expensive re-habilitation programme containing psychiatric and medical follow -up, after withdrawal from addiction.

Unfortunately, as most people share your opinion that this is a self inflicted problem and a sign of "moral weakness"
Politicians are going to be unwilling to make the funds for such a programme available.

22 Dec 09 - 08:39 PM (#2794707)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: GUEST,Falco

Drug-addiction services have grown massively in the UK. In our society, every problem calls forth its equal and supposedly opposite bureaucracy, the ostensible purpose of which is to solve the problem.

Bureaucracy of drug addiction needs drug addicts far more than drug addicts need the bureaucracy of drug addiction.

The propaganda, assiduously spread for many years now, is that heroin addiction is an "illness". This view serves the interests both of the addicts who wish to continue their habit while placing the blame for their behaviour elsewhere, and the bureaucracy that wishes to continue in employment, preferably for ever and at higher rates of pay.

Viewing addiction as an illness automatically implies there is a medical solution to it. So, when all the proposed "cures" fail to work, addicts blame not themselves but those who have offered them ineffectual solutions.

And for bureaucracies, nothing succeeds like failure. The Government spends more than a quarter of a billion pounds a year on drug treatment in the UK, despite there being little evidence of any reduction in the number of addicts.

Since the bureaucratic solution to waste is to waste even more, you don't have to be Nostradamus to predict that funding in Britain will continue to rise.

To conceive of heroin addiction as such seems to me to miss the fundamental point: it is a moral or spiritual condition that will never yield to medical treatment.It is easier, after all, to give people a dose of medicine than a reason for living. That is something the patient must minister to himself.

The orthodox view of addiction is that a person is somehow exposed to heroin more or less by chance. It has a pleasurable effect, and he or she keeps taking it.Before long, the person is addicted and, to avoid the terrible suffering of withdrawal, must take more.
Of course, to pay for this, addicts usually resort to crime, for their addiction precludes normal paid work but requires a large income.

The truth is people who are genuinely exposed to strong opiates by chance, such as after an operation, rarely become addicted to them.
Children may no longer know the date of the Battle of Hastings, but they know heroin is addictive. Many addicts say they did not know what they were getting themselves into when first they took heroin, but this is not credible; they could not have failed to know.

Actually, you have to work quite hard to become a heroin addict. It is not something that creeps up on you unnoticed. In fact, addicts are people intent on rebelling against received norms.They enjoy the feeling of swimmy calm that heroin produces and make a free choice to become an addict. People take heroin out of choice, ultimately, and so can stop out of choice. Addicts are not blameless victims of some terrible illness.

23 Dec 09 - 05:28 AM (#2794869)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: akenaton

Falco...There's a lot of truth and sense in your post, but you fail to address the psychiatric condition of most addicts.

Of course medication is not the whole answer, or even a small part of the answer,but proper psychiatric help in conjunction with medicationcould be.

A lot of the addicts I know are "bi polar" or suffer from what used to be called manic depression. Others are simply depressed or have no sense of personal worth.

How they first got into that situation is a problem that society must address......why do so many of our young people feel disconnected to the rest of society, worthless and why do they feel they must hide behind opiates rather than join in real life.

Is it perhaps that "real life" no longer exists....

23 Dec 09 - 05:58 AM (#2794885)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: GUEST,Falco

Agreed Akenaton. Enjoy your Christmas break.

23 Dec 09 - 06:18 AM (#2794893)
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
From: akenaton

A "guid new year" to you my friend :0)