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food songs

Jim Dixon 30 Mar 17 - 08:19 PM
Jim Dixon 13 Apr 17 - 02:45 PM
Tattie Bogle 13 Apr 17 - 07:23 PM
Tattie Bogle 13 Apr 17 - 07:30 PM
Jim Dixon 09 May 17 - 07:10 PM
Jim Dixon 11 May 17 - 09:46 PM
Jim Dixon 10 Nov 17 - 08:08 PM
Joe_F 11 Nov 17 - 08:09 PM
AllisonA(Animaterra) 12 Nov 17 - 07:53 AM
Jim Dixon 07 Feb 19 - 12:02 PM
Mo the caller 08 Feb 19 - 08:33 AM
FreddyHeadey 12 Mar 19 - 07:51 PM
keberoxu 14 Mar 19 - 12:18 PM
John C. Bunnell 15 Mar 19 - 04:28 AM
FreddyHeadey 03 Apr 19 - 05:52 PM
Donuel 06 Apr 19 - 05:16 PM
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GUEST,Kenny B 07 Apr 19 - 06:08 PM
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Subject: Lyr Add: CHICKEN SOUP WITH RICE (Carole King)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 30 Mar 17 - 08:19 PM

Words by Maurice Sendak, music by Carole King
As recorded by Carole King on "Really Rosie" (1975)

In January, it's so nice,
While slippin' on the slidin' ice,
To sip hot chicken soup with rice,
Sippin' once, sippin' twice,
Sippin' chicken soup with rice.

In February, it will be
My snowman's anniversary,
With cake for him and soup for me,
Happy once, happy twice,
Happy chicken soup with rice.

In March, the wind blows down the door
And spills my soup upon the floor.
It laps it up and roars for more,
Blowin' once, blowin' twice,
Blowin' chicken soup with rice.

In April, I will go away
To far off Spain or old Bombay,
And dream about hot soup all day,
Oh my once, oh my twice,
Oh my chicken soup with rice.

In May, I truly think it best
To be a robin lightly dressed,
Concoctin' soup inside my nest.
Mix it once, mix it twice.
Mix that chicken soup with rice.

In June, I saw a charming group
Of roses all begin to droop.
I pepped them up with chicken soup:
Sprinkle once, sprinkle twice,
Sprinkle chicken soup with rice.

In July, I'll take a peep
Into the cool and fishy deep,
Where chicken soup is selling cheap,
Sellin' once, sellin' twice,
Sellin' chicken soup with rice.

In August, it will be so hot,
I will become a cooking pot,
Cooking soup, of course, why not?
Cookin' once, cookin' twice,
Cookin' chicken soup with rice.

In September, for a while,
I will ride a crocodile
Down the chicken soupy Nile.
Paddle once, paddle twice,
Paddle chicken soup with rice.

In October, I'll be host
To witches, goblins and a ghost.
I'll serve them chicken soup on toast.
Whoopee, once! Whoopee twice!
Whoopee chicken soup with rice!

In November's gusty gale,
I will flop my flippy tail,
And spout hot soup; I'll be a whale,
Spoutin' once, spoutin' twice,
Spoutin' chicken soup with rice.

In December, I will be
A baubled, bangled Christmas tree,
With soup bowls draped all over me.
Merry once, merry twice,
Merry chicken soup with—
Merry chicken soup with—
Merry chicken soup with rice.

I told you once, I told you twice:
All seasons of the year are nice
For eating chicken soup,
Eating chicken soup with rice;
Chicken soup, chicken soup with rice.

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Subject: Lyr Add: SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN (Hank Penny)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 13 Apr 17 - 02:45 PM

Written by Jack Aberth, Jack Davis, & Tennessee Williams (!)
As recorded by Hank Penny, 1956.

SPOKEN: You know they tell me the shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach,
And woman, if you listen, I got a few shortcuts fer ye, by doggies!

1. Now southern fried chicken, good hot biscuits like my mama used to make,
Good hot biscuits smothered in gravy—that's what really takes the cake.
I love you, darlin', but my heart is in my mouth,
And you gotta make fried chicken like my mama makes down south.

CHORUS: I love you, darlin', like I love that good fried chicken,
And good hot buttered biscuits like my mama makes down south.

2. Now, baby, if you really love me and you want to be my wife,
You'd better practice up on your cookin' cause mine's a hungry life.
Be like my mama; put some coffee in the pot,
And fry me a lot o' that chicken, and keep them biscuits hot.

3. Now you'd better look out there, little darlin', 'cause I know that chicken's hot.
If it won't fit into a skillet, then you'd better go get a pot.
I like your cookin' and I want you to be mine.
Your biscuits taste like mama's and that chicken sure is fine.

[Not to be confused with another song by the same title, recorded by Jimmy Work. I classified that one as a train song.]

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: Tattie Bogle
Date: 13 Apr 17 - 07:23 PM

Only nearly 3 years since I said I might post it later! (Recipe included!)

JANET'S STOVIES                                © Trish Santer 20.10.06.
For my friend Janet Weatherston, who makes such superlative stovies.

Janet's stovies are the best
We lo'e them abune the rest,
But we ha'e only ane request,
Bring us a plate o' stovies.

Slice yer onions nice and thin
Fry them gently, then throw in
Loads o' tatties wi'oot skin,
You've started makkin' stovies.
Salt and pepper tae your taste,
Scraps o' meat ye neednae waste,
Cannae be in awfy haste
When yer makkin' stovies.

Mak' them in yer muckle pot
Dinnae ha'e the ring ower hot,
Let them sweat until ye've got
A gey guid pan o' stovies.
Stovies ayeways fill ye up
Skoosh them in a plate or cup,
Dinnae bide, jest serve us up
Oor Janet's hamely stovies.

She mak's them for the Christmas ceilidh,
Tops them aff wi' sprigs o' holly,
You micht think that awfy silly,
Daein' that wi' stovies.
When Burns supper cam's aroond,
In the kitchen she'll be foond,
Haggis, neeps and tatties roond,
But ye cannae beat her stovies.

Of stovie-makkin' she's the master,
Better than a bowl o' pasta,
Mak's the eightsome reel gae faster
Efter Janet's stovies.
Never gi'e ye constipation,
Ideal form of regulation
Maybe too much information,
But that's why we tak' stovies.
Final chorus: Stovies, stovies, stovies, stovies,(x3)
We lo'e Janet's stovies.

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Subject: Lyr Add: THE PIZZA SONG (Trish Santer)
From: Tattie Bogle
Date: 13 Apr 17 - 07:30 PM

Closely followed by my Pizza song, which arose out of a wee family disagreement, when my daughter wanted to give her friends that pizza that had had been languishing in the freezer far too long, and Dad said no!

Trish Santer - Oct 2002

Well, you can't eat that pizza, 'cos it's mine,
I bought it for a very special reason,
There ain't another pizza quite like it in the world,
So leave it in that freezer just a-freezin'.

I went to Tesco's Friday 9 p.m.,
I waited for the girl with the stickers and the marker pen,
When she marked that pizza down to less than half a crown
I had the very best bargain in the end.


It may be just a simple Margarita,
But I have plans to make it taste much sweeter,
With a full tin of anchovies, and half a pound of stovies,
And pepperoni, cheese and more tomater.


I'm saving it for after the theater,
We won't have time to eat till so much later,
It's then when we're both starving, that pizza we'll be halving,
So tonight you'd better have a baked potater.


So now it's at the bottom of the freezer,
Where maybe it could be forgot for ever,
But in a year or two, when it's perma-frosted through,
I'll be so glad I kept that bargain pizza.


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Subject: Lyr Add: TEXAS COOKIN' (Guy Clark)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 09 May 17 - 07:10 PM

This was mentioned by Roger in Baltimore and an unnamed guest:

As recorded by Guy Clark on "Texas Cookin'" (1976)

I'm going down to Austin, Texas.
I'm going down to save my soul,
Get that barbecue and chili,
Eat my fill, and come back home.

I'm gonna take my baby with me.
We gonna have a high ol' time.
We gonna eat till we get silly.
Sho' do make a beer taste fine.

CHORUS: Oh, my, mama, ain't that Texas cookin' somethin'?
Oh, my, mama, it'll stop yo' belly and backbone from bumpin'.
Oh, my, mama, ain't that Texas cookin' good?
Oh, my, mama, eat it ever' day if I could.

I know a man that cook armadillo.
Tastes so sweet he called it pie.
I know a woman makes pan dulce.
Tastes so good it gets you high.

Get them enchiladas greasy.
Get them steaks chicken fried.
Sho' do make a man feel happy
To see white gravy on the side. CHORUS

I know a place that got fried okra.
Beat anything that I ever saw.
I know a man that cook cabrito.
It must be against the law

We gonna get a big ol' sausage,
A big ol' plate o' ranch-style beans.
I could eat the heart of Texas.
We gonna need some brand-new jeans. CHORUS

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Subject: Lyr Add: FOOD BLUES (The Corries)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 11 May 17 - 09:46 PM

This was mentioned by GUEST,ozmacca back on 16-May-2002:

As recorded by The Corries on "Flower of Scotland" (2009)

I was sittin' in the motorway restaurant
When the waiter came up; he said: "What do you want?"

I looked at the menu; it looked so nice
Till he said: "Let me give you some advice.

"Spaghetti and taters they got too much starch.
Pork chop and gravy are bad for your heart.

"There's hormones in chicken and beef and veal.
Ravioli is a dead man's meal.

"Bread's got preservatives, nitrates in ham,
Artificial coloring in jellies and jams.

"Stay away from doughnuts; run away from pie.
Pepperoni pizza's a sure way to die.

"Sugar rots your teeth and makes you put on weight.
Artificial sweetners got cyclamates.

"Eggs got cholesterol; there's fat in cheese.
Coffee ruins your kidneys; so does tea.

"Fish's got mercury; red meat is poison.
Salt's goin' to send your blood pressure risin'.

"Hot dog and salami got deadly red dyes.
Vegetables and fruits are sprayed with pesticides."

I said: "What can I eat that's gonna make me last?"
He said: "A small drink of water in a tiny wee glass."

Then he stopped and he thought for a minute.
"Never mind the water; there's carcinogenics in it."

I got up from the table, walked out into the street,
Realizin' there was nothin' I could eat.

Ain't eaten for a month but I'm feelin' fine,
'Cause he did not mention beer, whisky and red, red wine.

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From: Jim Dixon
Date: 10 Nov 17 - 08:08 PM

Today I went to see the "WW1 America" exhibit at the Minnesota History Center (which will soon go on tour), and one of the things I discovered there was this remarkable novelty song, where various foods represent nations at war.

The following lyrics are from the sheet music at the The University of Illinois at Chicago. You can hear it at YouTube sung by Billy Murray, Ian Whitcomb, or Bob Michel.

Words and music by Hank Hancock, Ballard Macdonald, & Harry Carroll, 1914.

1. Hans Gustav Snider,
A local provider
Of groceries, canned goods and such,
Had read of the war,
Till himself and the store
Were both what is known as "in Dutch."
His brains he'd been feeding
On so much war reading,
He woke up one night in a fright.
He rushed down the stairs,
Fell over two chairs,
And turned up the groc'ry store light.

CHORUS: There were eggshells bursting near and far,
Above the Russian caviar.
A Bismark herring by itself
Was pushing all the French peas off the shelf.
An Irish potato started to cry
When a Spanish onion hit its eye?
Frankfurters fighting all over the floor,
Howling and growling: "We're the dogs of war!"
There was "Sunny Jim," upon a horse,
Swooping down with all his "Force."
The paprika,
Growing weaker,
Shouted out: "Won't you open that door?"
And a couple of tough Vienna rolls,
Shot a poor Swiss cheese all full of holes,
In the terrible war in Snider's groc'ry store.

2. Dutch pumpernickel
Had joined a dill pickle,
Attacking the fresh navy beans.
A Limburger cheese
Greatly strengthened the breeze,
And anchovies, prunes and sardines
Were fighting an army
Of dago salami,
And that's only half what he saw.
He jumped into bed,
Put ice on his head,
And went on the wagon once more. CHORUS

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: Joe_F
Date: 11 Nov 17 - 08:09 PM

Another watermelon song:

Just plant a watermelon on my grave
And let the juice [slurp] run thru.
Just plant a watermelon on my grave --
That's all I ask of you.
Now a chicken or a duck or a turkey may be fine,
But nothing could be sweeter than a watermelon rind,
So just plant a watermelon on my grave
And let the juice [slurp] run thru.

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From: AllisonA(Animaterra)
Date: 12 Nov 17 - 07:53 AM

It's wonderful to scroll through old threads like this and see beloved late-lamented Mudcatters, from Spaw to Sandy Paton.

I can't believe this one didn't make the list: Sandwiches Are Beautiful

Bob King

CHORUS: Sandwiches are beautiful; sandwiches are fine.
I like sandwiches; I eat them all the time.
I eat them for my supper; I eat them for my lunch,
And if I had a hundred sandwiches, I'd eat them all at once!

1. A-roamin' and a-travelling and wanderin' along,
And if you care to listen to me I will sing a happy song.
I will not ask a favour; I will not ask a fee,
But if you have yourself a sandwich, won't you give a bite to me?

2. Once I went to England and visited the Queen!
I swear she was the grandest lady that I've ever seen.
I told her she was beautiful and could not ask for more.
She handed me a sandwich and she threw me out the door! CHORUS

3. Once I knew a pretty girl, the fairest in the land.
All the young men in the county, they were asking for her hand.
They?d offer her the moon and they would offer her the sea,
But I offered her a sandwich and she said she'd marry me.

4. Now a sandwich may be egg or cheese or even peanut butter,
But they all taste so good to me it really doesn't matter.
Jam or ham or cucumber, just any kind will do,
But I like sandwiches; how about YOU?! CHORUS


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Subject: Lyr Add: GREEN ONION TOP (Roosevelt Sykes)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 07 Feb 19 - 12:02 PM

I almost put this in the thread called Lyr Req: Onion Songs, but since it mentions and praises several other foods, I figured it would be a better fit here.

You can hear this at the Internet Archive:

Written & recorded by Roosevelt Sykes, 1951.

Pig tails and sauerkraut
Make your belly stick way out.
Dig the pig with solid bop.
Don’t be green like a onion top.

Slipp’ry okra and collard greens,
Best stuff that you ever seen.
Slide the okra with a solid bop.
Don’t be green like a onion top.

Pickled pepper, sliced tomatoes,
Oh, boys, what a plate!
Lemonade, slice of pie,
Hurry, hurry, don’t be late.

Boiled corn and lima beans,
Best dish that you ever seen.
Dig the corn with solid bop,
And don’t be green like a onion top.

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: Mo the caller
Date: 08 Feb 19 - 08:33 AM

Well, Bert beat me (by several years) with Found a Peanut.

But I don't think anyone has mentioned
"Life is but a Meloncholy Flower"
repeated several times to the tune Frere Jaque
On the page it doesn't look like a food song, but try singing it.

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: FreddyHeadey
Date: 12 Mar 19 - 07:51 PM

written by Carole Prior: a humorous look at what constitutes the Scottish diet with the "strapline" -
"The Nation that was built on OATS!"
Keith Festival 2017

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: keberoxu
Date: 14 Mar 19 - 12:18 PM

Thank you Jim Dixon:

"Chicken Soup with Rice"
was a Maurice Sendak book
marketed to the very youngest of children --
so young,
that the book would have to be read to them
by somebody old enough to read.
I can see the little drawings now.

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: John C. Bunnell
Date: 15 Mar 19 - 04:28 AM

I am minded to offer a lyric of my own to the ongoing thread (there is no recorded version, but I do know that East Coast filker Mark Mandel has performed a version with at least one adapted verse). Note that the refrain is one of those where the second half changes with every verse, indicated by the lines given in parentheses -- and that every brand name and flavor mentioned actually exist, or at least have existed.)


words: John C. Bunnell © 2000
music: traditional (“Sweet Betsy From Pike”)

You begin with plain water, as clear as you might,
Then flavor and sweeten until it tastes right;
With CO2 bubbles this mixture infuse,
and you’ll have a bev’rage that few can refuse.

Now some call it soda, and some call it pop,
And some cannot drink it, and some cannot stop;
(With cherry fudge cola white grape lemon-lime,
You’re sure to find something you like, given time.)

Now first came the colas, with sugar and spice;
The taste, it was bracing, the fizz, it was nice;
Though one little tidbit is hard to explain:
That once classic Coke got its kick from cocaine.

(Squirt Dr. Brown’s Bubble-Up Canada Dry;
You’re sure to find something you like, if you try.)

The flavors of citrus are frequently found,
As sure as the orange and grapefruit are round;
If lemon-lime bores you, then try tangerine,
Perhaps Mello Yello, or something in green.

(With green apple celery kiwi root beer,
It’s certain that something you like will appear.)

The spices in soda are sometimes obscure
(What is sarsaparilla? I’m really not sure);
The roots in my root beer I fear I don’t know;
As for Dr. Pepper – no, there let’s not go.

(Since Mr. Pibb Sunkist Tab Jones Minute Maid,
It’s certain that something you like is displayed.)

If sugar’s off limits, we’ve still drinks for you,
With saccharine, Splenda, and NutraSweet too;
Just fill up your beaker and cheerfully swig –
But try not to think of the words “guinea pig”.

(With passion fruit bubble gum almond cream peach,
You’re sure to find something you like within reach.)

Now some folk use soft drinks to keep them awake;
The sodas taste better than pills they might take;
For true sleep avoidance, the choice must be Jolt –
The cola so strong it makes rattlesnakes molt!

(On Green River Mountain Dew Schweppe’s Diet Rite,
You’re sure to find something you like within sight.)

Much more could I tell you, and someday I might,
But if I tried now, I’d be singing all night;
Suffice that there’s more in that can than you think –
And now that I’m finished, I sure need a drink!

(With strawberry fu fu ginseng ginger ale,
It’s certain that something you like is for sale.)


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Subject: RE: food songs
From: FreddyHeadey
Date: 03 Apr 19 - 05:52 PM


Over in Yorkshire, a farmer do dwell
And they call 'im Yaddy 'ughes, ...


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Subject: RE: food songs
From: Donuel
Date: 06 Apr 19 - 05:16 PM

My fav is "That is why you're overweight"

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: Joe_F
Date: 06 Apr 19 - 06:59 PM

Dried Apple Pies
I forget who sings this, but it does have a tune.

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: Mrrzy
Date: 07 Apr 19 - 04:00 PM

Koberoxu... The Nutshell Library. I still have mine. Pierre, Alligators All Around, and One Was Johnny were the other 3.

Why O why, to get back to the thread, has Johnny McAdoo not been listed? Or is that an eating song rather than a food song? He swallered tripe and lard by the yard, he did.

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Subject: RE: food songs
From: GUEST,Kenny B
Date: 07 Apr 19 - 06:08 PM

Tuna the food of my Soul - Tune - Whispering Hope
Sung by Jean Redpath & Garrison Keillor

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