Need Electric Guitar Advice
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Need Electric Guitar Advice

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Lonesome EJ 21 Jul 01 - 12:05 PM
Eric the Viking 21 Jul 01 - 12:20 PM
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Mountain Dog 23 Jul 01 - 04:11 PM
GUEST,UB Dan 23 Jul 01 - 04:28 PM
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Lonesome EJ 23 Jul 01 - 07:22 PM
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Subject: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Lonesome EJ
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 12:05 PM

I am looking at buying an electric guitar, mainly for playing rhythm guitar with my band. We do a mix of Blues, Soul, and Rock and Roll. I am looking for a guitar that's realiable and fairly versatile in sound characteristics, but I have only slight familiarity with electrics.

I am asking any of you players out there who play electric (there must be a couple) for some advice. What guitar do you use? What are the sound characteristics of different models? What about pick-ups and controls?

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Eric the Viking
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 12:20 PM

Strat, telecaster or Les paul, depending on the sound you want, but these are still the top 3 electrics going-bit expensive in the UK but cheaper in the states.

See the Fender and Gibson sites and check out your local music store-should have all three in, wish I could afford one or all three.Or the fender teleacoustic/stratacoustic-switch between electric and electroacoustic



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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Lonesome EJ
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 12:31 PM

Eric, are you familiar with the differences between the three?

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Eric the Viking
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 12:51 PM

I am buta bit. I'm not techical. The Les paul has a wide vaiety of tones( Two or 3 humbucking pickups, neck (middle) bridge.) These have coils taps to turn them into single coils instead to twins, you can combine, all, neck and bridge, middle and neck, middle and bridge, also phase reverse and is able to go from gary Moore/peter green/Santana type blues sounds to heavy rock eg Slash from GnR. The Strat is a favourite of Clapton, Hendrix,mark Knopler again there is such a difference to be had in tones. Three Pickups, up to 5 (7 with specialist wiring I've heard)configuations. The tele, played by Jerri donahue, Richard thompson, pete townsend and 1000's of country players..The tele has three positions, neck, bridge and both pickups. The problem with talking about the tonal qualities is that so much depends upon the type of amp used.

If it was me-but I'm no expert and a crap player I'd go for the Les Paul as it can go from Slash to paul rodgers at the flick of a switch. But then there are many clones of all of these guitars. ESP is what santana is playing. The Yamaha Ls P copy ??2000 and ??3000 are excellent (can't remember model number at moment) Also whether you use valve or tranny amps and or effects units to get what you want.

get back to me and I'll get some reading material out and have a look. try a magazine like Guitarist or total guitar. There are some good electric mags in the USA.



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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: GUEST,rangeroger
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 01:06 PM

L EJ, my preference is the Les Paul also (wish I had mine back.)

Epiphone makes some real nice ones at reasonable prices.Go to Musician's Friend for some real bargains on everything.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: rangeroger
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 01:12 PM

My blue clicky thing doesn't seem to work so try this.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: rangeroger
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 01:18 PM

OK, I found the problem.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Eric the Viking
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 01:18 PM

Yes Rangeroger the epiphones are real good and reasonable to.EJ there are all sorts of Fender makers as well as copies, USA, Texas, Texmex and mexican fenders made under licence, shipped and put together and finished of in different locations, real cheap are the Squire rnage of fenders made in india and china. It really is pay your money and take your choice. If you can afford it go for the bst. but there are so manny budget guitars that get fantastic reviews to choose from. If you have a good store and they let you try a lot of them that's really your best bet. Use different combinations of amp and guitar until you get the sounds you want.



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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: rangeroger
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 01:24 PM

So this is turning into an html practice thread for me.

Musician's Friend


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Richard Bridge
Date: 21 Jul 01 - 02:52 PM

Avoid all big names like the plague. You will pay far too much for mediocre guitars. Probably the best value for money at the moment (great guitars, reasonable prices) are Gordon SMiths, which come with a range of pickups and splittable humbuckers, and I think a choice of set and bol-on necks, sound and play really well and look a bit sort of gibson-ish. It's an English make. Mid GBP 400-ish prices.

If money is no object try Kingfisher guitars in Denmark Street London set necks and 4 over 2 tuners, will make what you want, play like greased lightning (even make it sound as if I can play)starting second hand a bit over GBP1000 (one thousand).

For an amp with a nice range of valve tones without the price of an AC30, try the Laney 30 - about GBP300 (half an AC30) and pretty much a clone of the AC30 output stage although I'm not sure if it uses EL34s or EL84s. For a pedal try the POD6.

Mics the best value for money bar none is the AKG D880 coming in at about GBP30 if you shop around and warmer and thicker than an SM58. If you want bland, stick to the SM58, and if you buy it discounted in the USA the prices start to look almost reasonable for what you get.

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 12:02 PM was hinted at earlier, there are differences in sound between guitars with bolt-on necks (Strats); guitars with set necks (Les Pauls); and guitars with neck-thru-body construction (some Rickenbacker models).

One way to become familiar with the differences in guitars is to take note of what the guitar heroes are playing, and listen to their recordings. Hendrix did more to popularize Strats (often by destroying them) than any ad campaign Fender could've come up with.

Take for example, a well known guitarist: Eric Clapton. During his stint with Cream, for the most part he played that psychedelic Gibson SG (that was recently auctioned off), so you can hear what a set neck design is capable of (disregarding the mahogany body and the P-90 pickups that also had a lot to do with that mellow, almost violin-like sound he got). "Crossroads" typifies the sound he was known for back then.

Then, Clapton switched to the Strat (when he went with Blind Faith?...certainly during his Delaney and Bonnie stint and his Derek and the Dominoes "Layla" period), which gave him the sound (and the guitar) he is most noted for today.

Comparing these two should give some idea of the "sound" associated with each. The set neck is better for sustain and a mellower sound; the bolt-on neck has more "bite"...more "attack," perhaps (like Robert Cray on "Some Rainy Morning," or Hendrix on "Hey Joe" ...more "bright" sounding).

Santana played an SG (set neck) for a long time: the mahogany body and set neck gave him lots of sustain.

Jimmy Page played a Les Paul (set neck)with Led Zep, as did Leslie West (he now plays a Steinberg, one of those headstock-less guitars).

Angus Young (AC/DC) plays an SG. His brother, the rhythm guy, plays one of those big-bodied Gibsons (don't know which model).

BB King plays a big-bodied Gibson. He gets a smooth, mellow tone.

Keith Richards? Strat Man, I think.

Stevie Ray...common knowledge he was a Stratocaster player(and his brother Jimmy still is).

Joe Satriani and Steve Vai - Ibanez players - at least Ibanez has models which carry their signatures. Funny, that these two stellar guitar whizz-bangs supposedly play relatively cheap guitars: the top of the line Steve Vai model is about $800.

Zappa played Gibsons.

Gibsons and Epiphones are all set-necked guitars.

Fender and Squire are all bolt-ons. Other companies make models which may be set-neck in design, or bolt-on or neck-thru-body, depending on the model (Carvin, for example, makes an Alan Holdsworth bolt-on and other, neck-thru-body models).

Don't know of a company which makes all three neck-to-body designs.

Neck-thru-body is supposed to be the sustain king, but no readily recognizable guitarist noted for his "sound" comes easily to mind. ESP and Jackson also employ neck-thru-body design on their higher quality (and more expensive) models.

Opinion: the "copies" (as in Epiphone's copy of the Gibson SG ...Epiphone is owned by Gibson) use the same blank (body) and neck as the higher priced guitars they're modeled after. Where the manufacturers fudge to save money (and sell cheaper) is in the electronics (pickups, wiring, volume knobs and potentiometers [the electronic devices that provide a smoothly gradual increase in sound]); tuners (the tuning pegs); the "nut" material (plastic, or some other comparably cheaper material, as opposed to graphite, for example). That makes these copies very playable for less money, but you won't get the signature sound associated with the "real thing," and you spend more time retuning.

If you go for a Strat, stay away from Fender's subsidiary, Squire. They're crap, opinionated-ly speaking. Don't know what they're doing wrong, but the Squire Stratocaster feels like playing an oak board from an old barn barn with a two-by-four bolted on for the neck. Rough as a cob. Go with the Mexican made Strat instead. They're hundreds of dollars cheaper than the American made Strat, and a dealer told me there was no difference in electronics, materials, etc between the two. Whether he knew what he was talking about...??? Anybody's guess.

And then there are lots of other considerations: the wood used in the body contributes to different sound characteristics - mahogany giving a mellower, more sustained tone. Fender uses ash or alder for the Strat bodies.

Knowledge of the wood used in guitars borders on being a scientific discipline - there was a thread on this some time ago. So many woods, so many characteristics - it's mind boggling.

Big body versus smaller body: bigger bodied guitars generally give deeper tone. A lot of jazz players play a big bodied guitar for mellow sound.

Solid body versus hollow (or semi-hollow) bodies. Hollow bodies give a unique tone that guitarists with roots in rockabilly and old rock 'n' roll (like Brian Setzer and Chuck Berry) like.

Note: if you want neck-thru-body construction on a hollow bodied guitar, it'll have to be custom made and the price of your first born son will be required.

Necks, too, can be of different woods for its contribution to tone, the two most encountered: mahogany (again, for sustain) and maple.

The fret wire contributes to tone. A lot of times, there's a compromise between durability (Extra Jumbo [XJ] size being able to withstand lots of abuse [i.e., "bending" notes by pushing up or down on the srting against the fret], but the added contact the string has with the metal deadens the vibrations of the string more) and freedom of string vibration.

Can't comment much on pickups, except to say thay if someone tells you a pickup is "wound hot," for the most part it means it's very sensitive, and will distort easily, giving that shrill "metal" sound, and lots of feedback, like you might find with metal bands like Slayer or Pantera. "Single coil" pickups give a brighter tone, like the ones found on Strats, "humbuckers" (dual coil) give a mellower tone, like the ones on Les Pauls. You can tell the difference visually. Humbuckers are wider, and look like a smalll metal bar of soap; single coils are thinner - about the size of a lipstick. Strats usually come with an array of single coils, although if someone tells you he has a "fat" Strat, it means he's got a Strat outfitted with (one or more) humbuckers.

The position of the pickup in the body affects its tonal qualities. Those closest to the bridge will have more treble; those at the neck position, less. Lead players will kick their bridge pickup in during a solo, to cut through the mix. During the rhythm part, they will switch back to the neck pickup.

Currently playing an SG copy (Epiphone GS-400) outfitted with three humbuckers. It's a very playable guitar, but lacking soundwise in good tone, probably due to cheap pickups. The three humbuckers give it a very "fat," almost muddy, sound - not very versatile in that respect.

Anyone with a fundamental knowledge of electronics could outfit the guitar of their choice with whatever array of pickups desired, provided the pickup cavity could accomodate it. Even then, a wood worker could fill in or scoop out a cavity to acomodate a particular pickup.

It's not much of a job to upgrade tuners either.

For versatility in sound, a guitar outfitted with two humbuckers and a single coil, or two single coils and a humbucker, would probably be better. If I were looking to strictly play rhythm in a blues/soul/R&B band, I'd probably look at a big bodied Epi, solid, or semi hollow body, with a couple of humbuckers.

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Eric the Viking
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 01:35 PM

wow-somebody with time to get the info, This guest is worth his salt. (Kieth richards-tele with 5 strings) This is all good stuff. I also agree about top names, but when you are spending that sort of cash you do get more than a guitar (if you want it) I wouldn't mind a Gordon smith or what about Godin's?

Have fun choosing and playing.



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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Fortunato
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 02:07 PM

Lonesome EJ These days you can make your electric guitar sound pretty much the way you want with relatively inexpensive effects pedals. Yes, there inherent differences, but after you add your Delay pedal, chorus, distortion, etc. the differences lessen.

The important difference for me is the neck, the action, the 'playability' if you will. If the neck is straight (critical) then your guitar tech can set the action where you want it. Your comfort with the neck is what I recommend. Go to the music store several times and play the Gibsons and the Fenders. See how the neck feels to you. Play your chords up the neck, close your eyes and do it again. I play an American Standard Telecaster. I paid $600 new 4 years ago here locally. I like the Gibson 335 or SG for blues, but I find the Tele more flexible to move into Rockabilly. The Gibsons are heavier, also important by the end of the 3rd set.

I strongly disagree with the "stay away from brand names". I urge you to stay with Gibson or Telecaster. Not only are they generally better, but they hold their value. Go price a 1965 Fender Stratocaster and see what I mean. I will recommend one inexpensive guitar that is highly rated, the Yamaha Pacifica. Play several if you can. It's Tele-like and can be had under for about $160 here in DC. Go here

If you do go with Fender pay for the American made, they are, in general, superior. The same is true for Gibson, I believe, chose American made.

So that's my 2 cents. Scholars differ. Around here, the Roots musicians have been Tele players. Danny Gatton, Bill Kirchen, etc.

Just don't be in a hurry. And it's not like getting married, you can have more than one guitar at a time! regards, fortunato

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Mountain Dog
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 04:11 PM

My tuppence...I have a 20-year old Gibson Firebrand. It's a mahogany solid body whose shape was based on the Gibson 335 semi-hollow (stylistically similar to B.B. King's various incarnations of "Lucille"). Gibson made them for two or three years in the late 70s/early 80s with the C&W set in mind. (The gimmick on the Firebrand was having the Gibson name burned into the headstock as though with a branding iron.)

Bottom line for me: I like its shape, its weight and balance, the range of tones I can get from its two humbucking pickups and the tuning setup, from bridge to tuning heads. Picked it up for about $400 US a few years ago and it's been all the electric I've needed. (This had been someone's serious gig guitar, judging from the worn finish on the front and the belt-buckle intaglio-work on the back, so it had already proved its longevity and ability to take abuse and still stay in tune by the time it came to me.)

All things being equal, I think I'd buy a used and roadworthy Big Name rather than spend the same money on a new low-end or budget line model from the same manufacturer.

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: GUEST,UB Dan
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 04:28 PM

What you play through will make as much difference3 as what you play. I became very happy playing my electric through the POD. It is an amp simulator...with several built in effects. The range of sounds is enormous and I had to work to narrow it down to a few manageable sounds...but there is always room for growth. Playing out, I could plug the Guitar into the POD and the POD directly into the sound board. It is far less bulky and easier to set up than an amp\mic combo.

AS far as guitars go...listen carefuly for buzzing. I picked up a cheap Danelectro cause I liked the style, but I had to return it the next week. When I tried playing it out at the bar it had a constant buzz (because the wires weren't well shielded?).

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 06:57 PM

I still go with if an electric sounds good acoutically the it will sound good amplified - if it rings like a bell then you should be alright. Personally for your mix of music playing rhythm I would go for a Telecaster- as noted above an American made if you can afford it. A Les Paul is a good Blues lead guitar but for my money it does not have enough bite for Rockabilly - only a Tele bridge pickup has the bite for that Carl Perkins/James Burton sound - even a Strat can't get close. If you want more versatility then I would go for the Strat - Les Pauls are too heavy for me !!

Ian S

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Lonesome EJ
Date: 23 Jul 01 - 07:22 PM

These are great comments. I knew you folks would have a wealth of info. I really liked GUEST's rundown of different players and their guitars.

I like the way the Les Pauls look, but its sounds like the Teles may be worth a good long look.

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Jim Cheydi
Date: 24 Jul 01 - 05:42 AM


I've got a Godin Radiator. I absolutely love it to bits. Responsive and quick and surprisingly subtle (not that that's much use to me!).


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
Date: 24 Jul 01 - 08:23 AM

E the V: how could I forget? Keith "he who can't be killed by conventional methods" Richards and Teles...just about every picture of him with a guitar...chalk it up to "a senior moment" ...

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: English Jon
Date: 24 Jul 01 - 08:33 AM

Buy a red one.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Midchuck
Date: 24 Jul 01 - 08:46 AM

Don't do it.

There are all sorts of lesser abominations that should satisfy you if you do them enough.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Whistle Stop
Date: 24 Jul 01 - 11:08 AM

Asking what is the "best" electric guitar is like asking what is the best acoustic guitar. It is every bit as personal a decision, and the instruments are at least as varied as their acoustic counterparts. There is a lot to digest on this topic, and all of it matters -- the feel of the neck, the acoustic response, the soundness of the neck joint (whether bolt-on, set in, or neck-through), the type and quality of the electronics, the woods used, the scale length (Fenders are typically 3/4-inch longer scale length than Gibsons), the type of bridge/tailpiece (whammy, stop-tail, string-through), the contours of the body, the weight of the instrument on your shoulder, whether it's comfortable to play sitting down, etc.

Get into amps, and you have more choices -- tube or solid state, type of circuitry, loudness (not always apparent from the wattage rating), number and size (and type) of speakers, effects options/routing, weight (important if you play out), and a host of other variables. The amp is an integral part of your sound, and it has to mesh well with what the guitar is putting out.

What you should get depends on what you want (in all these categories), but just like with an acoustic guitar, you don't necessarily know what you want until you've been playing a while. We can give you information on the difference between single-coil pickups and humbuckers (dual coils), but you won't really know which you prefer until you spend some time with them. I don't say this to discourage you, but just to advise you that this is just as complicated and personal as any other instrument-buying decision.

I've been playing both electric and acoustic guitars for over thirty years, both professionally and for my own enjoyment. I have owned Les Pauls, Strats, Telecasters, and a number of others. My current axe of choice is a PRS CE-24, with a Peavey Steve Cropper model (sort of a mutant Telecaster) as a backup. For a basic rhythm guitar, the Telecaster is not a bad choice, although a lot of us kind of cringe at the harshness of some Telecaster bridge pickups and the sometimes "tinny" sound they can produce. I generally prefer a Strat myself (more versatile), but in most cases that means you're stuck with a whammy bar, which can just be a tuning headache if you don't use the thing. If you're primarily a rhythm player, I probably would not recommend a Les Paul.

As someone alluded to, the "big names" are really umbrella corporations at this point, and the quality of their guitars can really vary. Two Fender Telecasters may look pretty much the same, but the quality control, quality of the electronics, etc. can vary widely. Some education on this helps (how do Mexican Fenders compare to California Fenders?), but in the end you may have to be guided by the feel and sound. Don't be too gentle with the guitar when you try it out -- shake it around, twirl the knobs and flip the switches, listen for rattles and hums, etc. These things are supposed to be able to take some abuse.

While some of the advice on effects (stomp boxes and such) is worth heeding, do not assume that an effects controller can make up for a bad sound. Best bet is to try these things out "clean," and evaluate how pleasing they are. Also, remember that an electric instrument responds differently to playing dynamics than an acoustic instrument does -- you have to take it on its own terms.

There's more I could say, and probably will if this thread continues. Good luck, and ignore those folks who categorically dismiss electric guitars -- it's perfectly acceptable to play both.

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: UB Ed
Date: 24 Jul 01 - 03:13 PM

Still have my '76 Les Paul Custom. Heavy, yes, but its supposed to be and you gotta suck it up. Action is fantastic, but you need to adjust rythm pickup relative to lead as the rythm is so much louder. (Minor issue.)

Recently got rid of my '82 American strat. Nice action, but I never got the "right sound" from that guitar.

I am still kicking myself for letting the candy apple red telecaster go to pay for the SG. I miss both of those guitars.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: M.Ted
Date: 25 Jul 01 - 01:00 PM

If you like the Fender sound and playability, look at the G&L guitars--after selling Fender, Leo started another company and further refined his instruments--the look is the same, but they are better made than the Fenders, with a number of design improvements--haven't checked prices lately, but the new instruments used to be a bit less than Fenders, and the used instruments were a bit cheaper as well--

I suggest you look at Peavey guitars, as well--they are as well made as the best Gibsons and Fenders, they play well, tend to be versatile(a tele may offer the bite you need for rock'n'roll, but may be a bit raw for R&B)--

A couple of other things, don't confuse your work guitar with a collectible guitar--You want something that sounds good, does what you want, and is reliable--you don't need it to increase in value--(if you don't want it to depreciate, buy a used one, which will already be depreciated) most of all, you don't want it to be any bigger target for thieves than it is already, and, in case something does happen to it, you want to be able to be easy to replace--

One last thing, always try instruments out,them through the same amp set up--I recommend taking your practice amp with you (I know it is a pain, but you should be used to hauling amps around)--this way, the only variable is going to be the guitar--

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Willie-O
Date: 25 Jul 01 - 01:26 PM

I had a Tele Thinline for a long time. (single f-hole, upper half of the body is hollowed out for weight reduction and semi-acoustic sound) They were made for only a few years, late 60's-early 70's. It was a nice guitar but ultimately not the right one for me--it certainly had the twang though. And it was a beautiful blonde...but unfortunately some yazoo had modified it extensively destroying its considerable collectability.

I have a solid body Takamine GZ-300 now, they're quite uncommon but its a really great sounding and playing guitar for what I do. (Mostly playing out fiddle tunes) with a sound that is simultaneously fat and twangy. It was a great bargain at $350 Cdn, used. It's a set neck, not a bolt-on, but hasn't had any problems with action/warpage, or electronics. Unlike the Tele, I might add.

A lot of people who are used to acoustics like Godin as an electric because they have a real acoustic-style bridge, and a set of sliders for EQ on the top rather than the usual pots. But I've heard some that sound incredibly bad--after a few years something seems to get funky inside of them.

Tele's definitely have style. One thing to know about Teles and Strats is that if you get a maple fingerboard, it's nice and smooth to play on, but a fret job costs about twice as much. So probably not worth it for a rhythm instrument, but its up to you. Good luck EJ.


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
Date: 27 Sep 06 - 07:02 PM


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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: GUEST,Guitar Guy II
Date: 21 Sep 07 - 07:28 PM

I bought a SG Classic the one with the P90's. It won't break you as far as price. Any 'finished Gibson' under a grand is good. The guitar looks nice bound fret board and fret ends. THe P90's have plenty of power. Unlike the older SG's and Pauls you can put a humbucker at the neck. The old ones the neck to body was too close causing a weak spot. If you look closely you will See Santana plays one at the first Woodstock. I have an old GTX 80 by Crate and I keep it at 8 on the clean channel 3 and up on the guitar the P90's Give plenty of volume with a slight overdrive. And they NEVER sound MUDDY!!

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Richard Bridge
Date: 22 Sep 07 - 05:00 AM

A Hagstrom Swede or Superswede can sometimes be got in the USA at a decent price (originals, not the current re-issues) and contrary to what is said above Zappa not only played one but also endorsed them. Out-LesPauls the LesPauls.

If however you are after the finesse of a palette knife rather than the power of a sledgehammer, try a Parker Fly. Look funny, sound wonderful.

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Subject: RE: Need Electric Guitar Advice
From: Bee-dubya-ell
Date: 22 Sep 07 - 02:02 PM

If you're going to be playing mainly rhythm, an ES-335 type guitar is a good choice. If money's an issue, it needn't be a real Gibson. Heritage Guitars, founded by ex-Gibson employees in the old Kalamazoo, Michigan Gibson plant, are great guitars for a lot less than Gibsons. But be forewarned that the buzz on guitar forums is that Heritage's customer service has gone to hell in a bucket and the company may be on the auction block soon. If you can find a used Heritage, great, but don't plan on a new one. And there are plenty of cheaper Asian-built 335 clones out there as well. I own a Yamaha, and have played decent versions made by Ibanez, Washburn, Schecter, and Samick. There's not much difference between 'em except for the name on the headstock. In fact, they're probably all made in the Samick plant in Korea.

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