Mother's Day Songs
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Mother's Day Songs


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Croney 10 May 00 - 02:36 AM
Sorcha 10 May 00 - 03:27 AM
wysiwyg 10 May 00 - 10:01 AM
AllisonA(Animaterra) 10 May 00 - 01:33 PM
Wesley S 11 May 00 - 01:26 PM
Clinton Hammond2 11 May 00 - 03:10 PM
open mike 08 May 11 - 02:23 AM
Tattie Bogle 08 May 11 - 06:43 AM
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Subject: Lyr Add: Six Mothers Day songs by Linda Allen^^
From: Croney
Date: 10 May 00 - 02:36 AM

Hi, Folks - I'm brand new to the mudcat -- so thought I'd jump right in and offer some lyrics for Mother's Day songs, in hopes that others might add theirs. I did see a good one go by last month. Here are a few of mine. All are available on various recordings--check with me if you'd like more info - Thanks!

(Linda Allen, © 1984.)

You say you are sorry for the youth that you lack
For the sag of your breasts, for the bend in your back
For your hair turning grey, and the tears that now flow
For the choices you made such a long time ago

(Chorus:) Spring roses are lovely, they make my heart sing
And in summer, the roses sweet memories bring
But I most need the rose when the bitter winds call
October Roses are the fairest of all
October Roses are the fairest of all

As a maid, you were lovely, your cheeks bloomed so red
And you gave your heart freely, too freely you said
As a woman full grown you knew passion and strife
And a tender heart torn with the thorns of your life

Now you're growing older, sometimes you feel done
But your strong roots still hold you, you still find the sun
For you blossom with wisdom and courage and care
You're the fairest of roses that bloom anywhere

(Linda Allen, © 1986.)

Why do I spend my life caught in this storm and strife?
Picking up puzzles to put into boxes
Papers and peanuts and soggy galoshes
I've got better things to do than to pick up after you

I could sail far away for a year and a day
In a boat of shimmering blue
To an island I know where the warm breezes blow
And I know just what I will do
I'll put up an umbrella on that glorious beach
Right next to the "No Children" sign
And I'll read three whole books from beginning to end
And more if I feel so inclined

Why do I spend my life caught in this storm and strife?
Picking up socks and a mouldy old bear
Finding two months worth of old underwear
I've got better things to do than to pick up after you

I could give of my talents to challenge the makers of war,
I would march, I would sing
I would write twenty letters, or then, even better,
I'd give all the generals a ring
I would talk to them nicely, and ask them politely
To give up their nuclear toys
But if they won't say that they'll put them away
Then it's Time Out for those ornery boys!

Why do I spend my life caught in this storm and strife?
Picking up things that I can't recognize
Covered with fungus and lazy fruit flies
I've got better things to do than to pick up after you

I could start up a workshop for mothers who've not
Stood up straight since the youngest was born
We'll do role-plays, and cry, learn a mantra, and sigh,
"Born to stand," to repeat every morn
And then for the test, we'll invite in a guest
To drop socks in a heap on the floor
Any woman who sweats and then trembles and heads for the socks
Must repeat the whole course

Why do I spend my life caught in this storm and strife?
Screaming and bribing and pleading my lot
But will you pick up? No, you will not!
I've got better things to do than to pick up after you

THERE WILL BE AN ANSWER (A mother-daughter dialog song)
(Linda Allen, © 1998.)

What do you do when there isn't enough love left
'Though you know that you've tried
What do you do when what's left of your heart has to rest
You've cried and you've cried

There will be an answer
I don't believe it
There will be an answer
I just can't see it
There will be an open door
A light for the journey home

What do you say when your faces are silent masks
And you're so far apart
What do you say when the words fall like broken glass
There's a hole in your heart

There will be an answer
I just can't hear it
There will be an answer
I'm nowhere near it
There will be an open door
A light for the journey home

Sometimes the way is to hold on for one more day
'til the love comes home
Sometimes the road you must go will take you away
from all that you've known

There will be an answer
If you just believe it
There will be an answer
Let your heart receive it
There will be an open door
A light for the journey home

(Linda Allen, © 1989.)

(1st voice:) My grandmother's hands wove the cedar and bear grass
Into this fine basket I hold in my hands
To hold bitter roots, camas, fern, tiger lily
Blackberries, cranberries - gifts from the land

My great-grandma Towsalee passed on her knowledge
To her daughter Sally - she was only six then
Our tribes own designs such as Salmon Gill, Trail of Eel,
Flowers for women and deer for the men

(2nd voice:) My grandmother's hands worked with bright colored fabrics
Taken from dresses I wore long ago
With strong cotton thread and the finest of needles
Weaving my memories in patterns she'd sew

My great grandma Eleanor passed on her knowledge
To her daughter Susan when she was just nine
Lone Star, Log Cabin, the sweet Rose of Sharon
Basket, Medallion - her favorite designs

(Chorus, round, both voices:) Salmon Gill, Trail of Eel, Flowers and Deer
Bringing the lives of our ancestors near
Lone Star, Log Cabin, Basket design
Weaving and Quilting, our stories entwine

(Linda Allen, © 1982.)

Mama wanted to be a Rainbow Dancer
Wanted to be a singer in a band
I remember brown eyes dreaming
As she sang and rocked her babies gently down

Mama came to see me at the tavern
Came to hear me singin' with the band
Her eyes were full and shining
I could see the dream reflected in her eyes

Mama could have been a Rainbow Dancer
But a woman's dreams are hard to hold
So she raised up four strong children
And she placed the rainbow deep within my soul

Now I sing songs about the rainbow
And it always ends at Mama's door
And I see a young girl dancing
And I hear her singing deep within my soul

(Linda Allen, © 1984.)

I sit here in the stillness, and my thoughts are all of you
And I wonder and I worry so, as mothers often do
Oh, dear ones, how I needed all these days to be alone
But comes the evening, here I am - reaching for the phone

(Chorus:) And it seems that every pleasure has its cost
And what I try so hard to find is lost
Still I must seek these lonely times to fine a part of me
then I'll be home, Your mama's comin' home

Sometimes when I try to write, so much keeps crowdin' in
And my life's a book with worn-out pages - scattered by the wind
I love you both so dearly, and I've never had regrets
But other voices beckon, I'm afraid that I'll forget (Chorus)

Sometimes the life I lead begins to tear my heart in two
And the rage comes spilling out and shadows everything we do
And it's then I need you love, but I need most to be alone
To take some time - a glass of wine - then mama's comin' home (Chorus)

OK --enough already. This is just one of my favorite subjects and I seem to have a lot to say! I'll look forward to hearing from some of you-

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Subject: RE: Mother's Day Songs
From: Sorcha
Date: 10 May 00 - 03:27 AM

Oh, Linda, (crying here) these are all wonderful. Welcome to the Mudcat, where it all hangs out. My mother's birthday (71) would have been on Mother's Day this year, but she is gone now, since Sept. 98, and I have just begun to realize how much I miss her.........all the "bad" stuff from taking care of her is starting to fade, an all the good stuff is coming back........and I am starting to miss my mommie..........(I am only 48...)Thank you Linda, and I wish I could hear the tunes.....

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Subject: RE: Mother's Day Songs
From: wysiwyg
Date: 10 May 00 - 10:01 AM



You'll probably get some messages telling you how to do line breaks and post lyrics so they're easily found, but ignore them until you feel entirely at home here!!!!

You bless us with your abundant gifts!

And I hope you aren't on a Mac, so you can come to HearMe! So we can HearYou.


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Subject: RE: Mother's Day Songs
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)
Date: 10 May 00 - 01:33 PM

Linda, those are great! Thanks!
Signed, A Fan

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Subject: RE: Mother's Day Songs
From: Wesley S
Date: 11 May 00 - 01:26 PM

Ditto - When's the CD release party?? You have a gift. Don't forget to share it with the world.

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Subject: Lyr Add: I Would I Were^^
From: Clinton Hammond2
Date: 11 May 00 - 03:10 PM


Lemme share a song I do... But I didn't write it... James Keelaghan wrote it as a love song to no one in particular... the first time I heard him do it I asked him if he'd mind me covering it, it was so fantastic... he said sure, but he wanted to know who I was gonna sing it for... The person I though of who most needed a love song sang to her was my mum... She's had it pretty rough.. 2 bad marrages, and a rotten kid!!!! LOL!!

I Would I Were

I would I were
A robin's song
Born upon the wind
Lilting light
Through morning bright
Soaring from the limb
And if I were that robin's song
I'd soar without delay
And be the first thing
That you'd hear
As you begin your day

I wish the Northern
Lights were of
A fabric apprehended
That from these earthbound
Human hands
Those lights could be suspended
I wish the Northern Lights were mine
To hem and sew and weave
I'd make a cloak
For you to wear
To keep you from the breeze

Oh..... All of the questions
All of the stars in the sky
Oh..... Never the answers
Always the wondering why....

I wish my hand
Could touch the place
Within your heart that's hidden
And go to you
As if some ghost
That, by you, had been bidden
And though this world is touch and go
I cannot but believe
Of all the things
That touch us first
Love is the last to leave

Of all the things
That touch us first......


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Subject: RE: Mother's Day Songs
From: open mike
Date: 08 May 11 - 02:23 AM

i have had several radio shows featuring mother songs--here is what came up when i searched on mudcat.

here are the songs I played on MAY 9, 2009,

ARTIST       TITLE       ALBUM       LABEL          WEBSITE

Anna Chvostek / Line of Ascent /   Resilience / Borealis


Joe Jencks / Turtle, Gasoline / the Candle and the Flame / Self


Dick Gaughan / Strong Women Rule Us All / Outlaws and Dreamers /          Appleseed      

Norman Blake / Hello Stranger / Rounder Folk / Rounder, RYKO


Cathy Fink / Cowgirl / Rounder Folk / Rounder, RYKO


Johnny Degollado / O Madre Mia / Hi Lo Country (movie) / TVT Soundtrax


Jim Smoak / St. Anne's Reel / Orange Blossom Special / Self


Tony Rice / Wayfaring Stranger / Night Flyer / Rounder


Plain Hard Truth / Mother (J. Lennon) / Hearing in Believing / Cold Truth Music


Belle Monroe et al / Fire on the Mountain / Brewglass Boys / Self


Beltain / Weaver and Factory Maid / Jongleur / self


Jim Lauderdale / I'll Lead You Home / Whisper / B M G


Lauren Sheehan / Kind Hearted Woman, Del ta Queen / Two Wings / Wilson River Records


Annbjorg Lien / The Traveller / Waltz With Me / Compass


Mary McCaslin / Someone Who Looks Like Me / Broken Promises / PHILO


Gillian Welch / Orphan, Annabelle / Revival / ALMO


Red Steagall / Grandmother's Trunk / BAR-D Roundup Vol. 3 / Cowboy Poetry

Yvonne Hollenbeck / Prairie Patchwork / BAR-D Roundup Vol. 3 / Cowboy Poetry (see above)

Make It So / My Antonia (Marie Sandoz) / Headlights and Hubcaps / Self

Juni Fisher / Wish I Had Never Had That Kid / Sideshow Romance / Red Guitar

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, et al / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / Title / Capitol


Iris Dement / Mom and Dad's Waltz / My Life / Warner Bros.

Erik Darling / Child, Child / title / self

and here was a previous mother's day radio program I played:
CROSSROADS SHOW: (MA'S DAY 2007) plus live guests on UKULELE      

ARTIST             TITLE                ALBUM            LABEL
Jimmie_Rodgers_Mother,Queen_of_my_Heart_American Legends_Laser_Light/Stanyan_
Jimmie_Rodgers_Gambler's_Blues__American_Legends_Laser_Light/Delta_ (Sept. 8, 1897-May 26,1933)
Nancy Pyle_Mamma's_got the Knowhow_Singing' and Swingin' With Nancy
David Bilinski_intro_Bill Unger_intro_ (Live Musicians in the Studio)   
Ain't Misbehavin' live Ukulele music in the KRBS studio_
David_Bilinski_Lady Be Good_
Bruce_Holmes_Angels_Life is an Intelligence Test_Haven Music
Mark_O_Nelson__Hula_Blues_downloaded_from the internet_
Hot_Club_of_S._F.__Some_of_These_days_Yerba_Buena_Bounce(see above)
www.janetbates.com__(see her song Mother's Day) also see:

and here is what i played for Mother's day 2008..
This Show's Theme: Mother's Day and Women   

ARTIST       TITLE            ALBUM             LABEL

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Will The Circle Be Unbroken          (Title Song)             Capitol

Laurie Lewis and Kathy Kallick    Little Annie/Little Girl          Together Rounder, and

Juni Fisher Same River   Tumbleweed Letters   Red Guitar

Bull Thistle Balladeers    Cruel War          Music of the Civil War                Self          (George Noble)

Dakota Sid and Travers Clifford          Pigs in the Kitchen          Ready to Burn       Self

Hazel and Alice      The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile          Hazel and Alice Rounder

Leon and Eric Bibb    Motherless Child Praising Peace: Paul Robson Tribute,

Iris Dement Mama's Opry Infamous Angel    Warner Brothers

John McCutcheon    Water From Another Time (Title Song)             Rounder

Ben Bedford    Migrant Mothe      Lincoln's Man                Hopeful Sky

Arlo Guthrie   The Gal I Left Behind   Son of the Wind               Rising Son

Penman Family    Feed the Children/Daddy Fox    Homemade Jam       Self

Bruce Holmes    Angels       Life's An Intelligence Test       Haven Music

Fiddlestix    Geraldine and Ruthie Mae         A Dream and a Memory             Self

David Ball    Old Folks at Home    Beautiful Dreamer               
American Roots Publishing

Lauren Sheehan   Kind Hearted Woman Two Wings   Wilson River Records

Chris Bayer    Sweet Betsy From Pike    The Miner's Farewell       Self

Ide Adobe Players    Polly Wolly Doodle    Mining is a Hard Kind of Labor CA State Parks

Penny Lang Careless Love Stone+Sand+Sea+Sky                         She Wolf/Borealis

Readings from Farmer's Almanacs, and announcements of upcoming local folk music events

Tennessee River Authority Mamma Tried (instru) Ramblin' Roads    Avalon

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Subject: RE: Mother's Day Songs
From: Tattie Bogle
Date: 08 May 11 - 06:43 AM

Just a wee point here: we've already had Mother's Day (or Mothering Sunday)here: it usually falls in March or early April in the UK - this year on 3rd April! They've already got the Father's Day cards (for 19th June) in the shops - but that day's a USA import!

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