Lyr Req: Uneasy Rider (Charlie Daniels)
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Lyr Req: Uneasy Rider (Charlie Daniels)


Jeep man 01 Mar 00 - 04:59 PM
Elektra 01 Mar 00 - 05:32 PM
Elektra 01 Mar 00 - 05:35 PM
Jeep man 02 Mar 00 - 12:38 PM
Tiger 02 Mar 00 - 01:23 PM
Sorcha 02 Mar 00 - 01:54 PM
Biskit 02 Mar 00 - 08:22 PM
Jim Dixon 17 May 16 - 05:05 PM
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Subject: Uneasy Rider / Charlie Daniels
From: Jeep man
Date: 01 Mar 00 - 04:59 PM

A friend of mine really wants the lyrics to this one. It was on Charlie Daniels "Super Hits" Jim

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Uneasy Rider / Charlie Daniels
From: Elektra
Date: 01 Mar 00 - 05:32 PM

This page links to the lyrics for several Charlie Daniels' songs, including that one.

I often find that for "popular" songs a simple search on the title and artist will turn it up. In this case, it was and search was for
uneasy rider Charlie Daniels


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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Uneasy Rider / Charlie Daniels
From: Elektra
Date: 01 Mar 00 - 05:35 PM

Excrement!! I am going to have to figure out this html link thing -- and SOON!


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Subject: Uneasy Rider by Charlie Daniels
From: Jeep man
Date: 02 Mar 00 - 12:38 PM

Anybody got the words to this great old talking blues song? By the way on the question of Greatest worst songs, how about( How can I miss you little darlin,if you won't to away.

Uneasy Rider is on Charlie Daniels "Super Hits"

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Uneasy Rider by Charlie Daniels
From: Tiger
Date: 02 Mar 00 - 01:23 PM

It's in the database. See:

Also, recent thread:

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Uneasy Rider by Charlie Daniels
From: Sorcha
Date: 02 Mar 00 - 01:54 PM

This is rather strange--when I search the DT by title, it give the title in the list, but when I tried to open it I got a message that said 0 search results, etc. BUT, when I type in the 1st URL above in the address bar, Bob's your uncle, there it is!

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Subject: Lyr Add: UNEASY RIDER (The Charlie Daniels Band)
From: Biskit
Date: 02 Mar 00 - 08:22 PM

As sung by The Charlie Daniels Band on “Honey in the Rock” (1973)

I was takin' a trip out to LA,
Toolin' along in my Chev'olet,
Tokin' on a number, an' diggin' on the radio.
Just as I crossed the Mississippi line,
I heard that highway start to whine,
An' I knew that left rear tire was about to go.

Well, the spare was flat, an' I got uptight,
'Cause there wa'n't a fillin' station in sight,
So I just limped on down the shoulder on the rim.
I went as far as I could, an' when I stopped the car,
It was right in front o' this little bar,
A kind of a redneck-lookin' joint, called the “Dewdrop Inn.”

Well, I stuffed my hair up under my hat
An' told the bartender that I had a flat,
An' would he be kind enough to give me change for a one?
Well there was one thing I was sure proud to see:
There wa'n't a soul in the place 'cep' for him an' me,
An' he just looked disgusted an' pointed toward the telephone.

I called up a station down the road a ways,
An' he said he wa'n't very busy today,
An' he could have somebody there in just about ten minutes or so.
He said, “Now you just stay right where you're at.”
An' I didn't bother to tell the derned fool that
I sure as hell didn't have anyplace else to go.

I just ordered up a beer an' set down at the bar,
When some guy walked in an' said, “Who owns this car,
With the peace sign, an' the mag-wheels, an' four-on-the-floor?”
Well, he looked at me an' I damn near died,
An' I decided that I'd just wait outside,
So I laid a dollar on the bar an' headed for the door.

Just when I thought I'd get out o' there with my skin,
These five big dudes come strollin' in,
With this one old drunk chick an' some fella with green teeth.
An' I was almost to the door when the biggest one
Said, “You tip your hat to this lady, son!”
An' when I did, all that hair fell out from underneath.

Now the last thing I wanted was to get in a fight
In Jackson, Mississippi on a Saturday night,
'Specially when there was three o' them an' only one o' me.
But they all started laughin', an' I felt kind o' sick,
An' I knew I better think o' somethin' pretty quick,
So I just reached out an' kicked old green-teeth right in the knee.

Now he let out a yell that'd curl your hair,
But before he could move, I grabbed me a chair
An' said, “Watch him, folk, 'cause he's a thoroughly dangerous man.
Well, you may not know it, but this man's a spy.
He's a undercover agent for the FBI,
An' he's been sent out here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.”

He was still bent over, holdin' onto his knee,
But ever'body else was lookin' an' listenin' to me,
An' I laid it on thicker an' heavier as I went.
I said, “Would you believe this man has gone as far
As tearin' Wallace stickers off the bumpers o' cars,
An' he voted for George McGovern for president?”

“Well, he's a friend o' them long-haired, hippy-type, pinko fags.
I betcha he's even got a commie flag
Tacked up on the wall inside o' his garage.
He's a snake in the grass, I tell ya, guys.
He may look dumb, but that's just a disguise.
He's a mastermind in the ways of espionage.”

They all started lookin' real suspicious at him,
An' he jumped up an' said, “Now just wait a minute, Jim.
You know he's lyin'; I've been livin' here all o' my life.
I'm a faithful follower o' Brother John Birch,
An' I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church,
An' I ain't even got a garage; you can call home an' ask my wife.”

Then he started sayin' somethin' 'bout the way I was dressed,
But I didn't wait around to hear the rest.
I was too busy movin' an' hopin' I didn't run out o' luck.
An' when I hit the ground, I was makin' tracks,
An' they were just takin' my car down off the jacks,
So I threw the men a twenty, an' jumped in an' fired that mother up.

Mario Andretti would 'a' sure been proud,
O' the way I was movin' when I passed that crowd
Comin' out the door an' headed toward me in a trot.
An' I guess I should o' gone ahead an' run,
But somehow I just couldn't resist the fun
O' chasin' them all just once around the parkin' lot.

Well, they headed for their car, but I hit the gas
An' spun around an' headed 'em off at the pass.
I was slingin' gravel an' puttin' a ton o' dust in the air.
Ha-ha! I had 'em all out there, steppin' an' fetchin'
Like their heads were on fire an' their asses was catchin',
But I figured I better go ahead an' split before the cops got there.

Well, when I hit the road, I was really wheelin',
Had gravel flyin' an' rubber squealin',
An' I didn't slow down 'til I was almost to Arkansas.
Well, I think I'm gonna re-route my trip.
I wonder if anybody'd think I'd flipped
If I went to LA via Omaha.

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Subject: Lyr Add: UNEASY RIDER '88 (Charlie Daniels)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 17 May 16 - 05:05 PM

Here's the sequel. Too bad it's so homophobic—

As recorded by The Charlie Daniels Band on "Homesick Heroes" (1988).

Me an' my buddy got us a wild hair,
An' figgered we wanted to go somewhere,
So we loaded up my ragtop Chev'olet.
We had a little bit o' money an' a whole lot o' show,
An' with Hank Junior blarin' on the radio,
We got a tank full o' gas an' we was on our way.

We figgered we'd go down to New Orleans.
We were barrelin' down ol' Seventeen
When a man with a blinkin' red light was on our tail.
He said: "You were doin' sixty in a forty-five,
But I'm gonna let you go this time,
But if I catch you again, I'm 'on' slap you in the county jail."

We said: "Thank you, sir; you sure been nice,
An' you ain't gonna have to tell us twice."
An' we were southbound an' down with the wind blowin' in our faces.
We kep' on rollin' an' purty soon
The radio was cookin' out a Haggard tune,
An' we were pullin' into Houston an' checkin' out all them places.

I's feelin' dry an' I said: "I think
We ought 'o stop an' get ourselves a drink."
Ol' Jim said: "Yeah, 'cause we got time to kill."
We kep' on rollin'; I seen this spot.
We pulled into the parkin' lot
O' this place called the Cloud Nine Bar an' Grill."

Go up th'ough the door an' the place was jammed.
The lights were low; they had a punk-rock band,
An' some orange-haired feller singin' 'bout suicide.
I said: "Jim, this ain't our kind o' place."
He said: "Well, let's just have one round anyway,"
So against my better judgment, we walked on inside.

Went up to the bar an' we set down.
This feller walked up an' said: "I'll buy this roun'."
An' he set down on the bar stool next to Jim.
He looked like a girl but he talked like a guy,
Had lipstick on an' mascara in 'is eye,
An' ever'body in that place looked just about like him.

I said: "Jim, this ain't our kind o' bar.
Let's just go on out an' get back in the car,
'Cause there's gonna be trouble; ain't no sense in takin' a chance."
We's gittin' up, gittin' ready to leave.
Somebody grabbed ol' Jim by the sleeve,
Was this good-lookin' girl; she was askin' my buddy to dance.

I said: "Jim, don't do it; there's somethin' missin'.
There's fellers dancin' an' fellers kissin'.
There's a feller in high-heel shoes wearin' pantyhose."
He said: "Partner, I just can't turn this down.
You just go over there an' have one more round.
I'll dance with the lady an' we'll get on down the road."

So he walked away an' left me alone,
An' this funny-lookin' feller kep' comin' on,
An' he was makin' me mad at some o' the things he said.
An' then he put his hand on my knee.
I said: "If you don't get your paw off me,
I'm gonna locate your nose around on the side o' your head."

He said: "I love it when you get that fire in your eyes."
I said: "Well, partner, try this on for size."
An' I unloaded on him; he went out like a light.
Ever'body in that place must 'a' been his friend.
They all headed for me; I said: "This is the end,
But where I come from, we don't give up without a fight."

They were screamin' an' yellin', scratchin' an' clawin'.
I's punchin' an' hittin' an' kickin' an' pawin'.
I's holdin' my own, 'cause I been in a scrap or two.
Ol' Jim come runnin' up out o' the blue,
An' that gal he was with come runnin' up too,
An' proceeded to beat on me with a high-heel shoe.

I grabbed 'er by the hair; it come off in my han',
An' that beautiful girl was just a beautiful man.
Ol' Jim just got sick right there on the floor.
He dropped that dude like a shot from a gun,
Smeared his lipstick, made his makeup run,
An' me an' ol' Jim started fightin' our way to the door.

Man, we lit out o' there in that Chev'olet,
An' I put 'er on the floor an' stayed that way.
We was goin' down the highway doin' 'bout a hun'r'd an' ten.
We's headed for home an' we was gettin' near,
Then a red light come on in the rear-view mirr'r,
An' that same blamed cop was pullin' us over again.

Well, I'm sittin' here in this county jail.
I had to call my daddy to go our bail,
But I learned me a lesson that I never will forget again.
I done give up drinkin'; I've give up bars
An' runnin' round the country in souped-up cars.
Goin' back where the women are women an' the men are men.

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