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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
The Way to Be Happy [Harry Clifton]   thread
13 Florins on the Bar   thread
16th Avenue DT  
The 23rd of February DT  
a bhean udai thall a shigo   thread
a Nansai mhile 'gradh   thread
A Nau Catarineta (Brazilian set from Folk Songs of the Americas, edited by A.L. Lloyd and Isabel Aretz de Ramón y Rivera (Novello, 1965), originally published in Música Popular Brasileña (O. Alvarenga; Mexico City, Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1947). )   thread
a Neansai mhile 'gra   thread
a oganaigh oig   thread
a stor mo chroi DT thread
A-Gathering Nuts DT  
A-Roving on a Winter's Night [Doc Watson/Traditional] (from The Songs of Doc Watson) DT thread
ABC, die Katze lief im Schnee (from Das grosse Liederbuch)   thread
ABC, die Katze lief im Schnee ((2-part version) from Das grosse Liederbuch)   thread
Aboard of the Kangaroo / The Good Ship Kangaroo (from Meredith/Anderson, Folksongs of Australia) DT thread
Aboard the Kangaroo (from Stan Hugill's Shanties from the Seven Seas)   thread
Above a Plain / Swiftly Flowing Labe (from The Ditty Bag)   thread
Abraham's Daughter (a civil war song) DT thread
Abroad As I Was Walking DT thread
Across the Blue Mountain [arr Robin & Linda Williams /traditional] (Lyrics from the singing of Sandy and Caroline Paton) DT thread
Adelita (traditional Mexican) (from Sandburg's American Songbag)   thread
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (Copper Family) DT  
Admiral Hosier's Ghost DT thread
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe [Harry Clifton] (an amalgamation of a number of melodies - includes 15 sections)   thread
Ae Fond Kiss (The tune given with the DT file is Rory Dall's Port it's often sung to another, rather different version of the melody, This appeared in Keith Norman MacDonald's Gesto Collection of Highland Music (1895 Midi made from MacDonald's notation) DT  
The Age of Aquarius DT  
An Agricultural Irish Girl DT thread
Ah, Lovely Meadows (from the Silver Burdett school songbook, Music in Our Country)   thread
Aikey Fair (The tune is the traditional version of The Moss O' Burreldale; midi made from notation in The Folk Music Journal, vol.3 no.1, 1975. )   thread
Ailein Duinn DT thread
Ailliliu na Gamhna   thread
Air Falalalo / Ar Fa La La Lo DT thread
Air Force Hymn (Wild Blue Yonder) (Despite the file name, this is NOT "Into the Air, Junior Birdmen." -Joe Offer-)    
The Alabama   thread
Albatross [Malvina Reynolds] (Main Tune) DT thread
Albatross (Last Verse) DT  
Alice Blue Gown [J. McCarthy/H. Tierney] DT thread
Alice's Restaurant [Arlo Guthrie] DT  
All Among the Barley DT thread
All Hail the Power DT thread
All in a Garden Green   thread
All My Life's A Circle [Harry Chapin] DT  
All the Little Chickens in the Garden (from Dan Milner's book, A Bonny Bunch of Roses. Music transcribed by Paul Kaplan.) DT thread
All Things Are Quite Silent (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
All Used Up [U. Utah Phillips] DT thread
Allison Gross (transcription (undecorated) made by Colin Ross and published in English Dance and Song (vol.55, no.2, 1993)) DT thread
Alma Mater (Cornell) DT  
Amber Tresses (Sheet music printed in 1874 by Cottier & Denton, 269 Main St., Buffalo, As Amber Tresses tied in Blue. Midi made from this (vocal line only).) DT thread
Amelia Earhart's Last Flight [Dave McEnery] DT thread
American Hymn [Matthias Keller, 1866]   thread
Amis, Mais de Quoi Juons-Nous (a song of the type of "Ich bin ein Musikante")   thread
The Amphitrite DT thread
An Cailin Rua (The Red-Headed Girl) DT thread
An Caiseadach Ban   thread
an fhallaingin mhuimhneach   thread
An mhaighdean Mhara   thread
An mhaighdean Mhara (other tune)   thread
An Paistin Fionn   thread
An Spealadoir   thread
An Spealadoir 2 ("This is the tune that Rosie sang this tune to. I made it myself by trial and error" Brían. )   thread
Anacreontic Song DT thread
The Anchor's A-Weigh (doerflinger)   thread
Anchor's Aweigh (Version 1) DT thread
Anchor's Aweigh (Version 2) DT  
And the Moon Was Shining Clear (And the Moon Shone Bright and Clearly in DT) DT thread
Anderson's Coast DT thread
Anderson's Coast - corrected (regarding the midi Bob Bolton comments "played in the same time it takes John to sing a verse ... 53 seconds for the bare melody. I then rearranged note lengths to fill out the 4/4 beat ... and match John's singing") DT  
Andromeda the Beautiful DT  
Angelina Baker [Stephen Foster] (The song in the Digital Tradition has a completely different tune. -JRO-)   thread
Angeline [Czech Folk Song] (from The World of Music Series: Treasure, Ginn & Co., 1938)   thread
Angeline the Baker (NOT the Stephen Foster song.) DT thread
The Animal Fair (This version is from Carl Sandburg's American Songbag.) DT thread
The Animal Fair DT thread
Annan Water DT thread
Anne Boleyn DT thread
The Anniversary Song [Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin] DT thread
The Anniversary Waltz [Al Dubin & Dave Franklin]   thread
Any Old Iron? [Chas. Collins, E. A. Sheppard and Fred Terry] DT thread
Appalachian Round (Take Me Back) (Tune is "Welcome, Welcome Every Guest")   thread
The Apples and Banana Song DT thread
Aran Boat Song DT thread
ardaigh cuain   thread
Are Ye Right There Michael? [Percy French] DT thread
Are You Lonesome Tonight? DT thread
Arrival of the Greenhorn DT thread
Art Mac Bride ( midi made from notation in the Petrie Collection [Stanford-Petrie (1902-05) number 846]. )   thread
Arthur Le Bride ( from Samuel Fone of Blackdown, Mary Tavy, Devon; noted by Mr Bussell in 1892. Midi made from notation Sabine Baring Gould's Songs of the West (1905). )   thread
Arthur McBride and the Sergeant (posted by IvanB) DT thread
As I Roved Out DT  
As I Roved Out (Planxty Version, Lyrics embedded) DT thread
As I Roved Out (Clancy) ((from The Irish Songbook - Makem & the Clancys))   thread
As Sylvie Was Walking (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
As Time Goes By DT thread
Ashokan Farewell DT thread
Asleep At the Switch 1897 (A Train Song) DT  
Astoria's Bar [Mudcatter Mary Garvey] (recorded by Gordon Bok)   thread
Auf einem Baum ein Kuckuck saß (Source: Das Große Liederbuch (Diogenes Verlag, Zürich, 1975))   thread
The Auld Man's Mare's Deid DT  
Australia (see thread for multiple versions - history see also Lads of Virginia See also Weary in Virginny, O) DT thread
Ba Loinnireach Grian an Trathnona (This air is used with a variation on The Banks of the Lee)   thread
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