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Posted By: Celtic-End Singer
27-Jul-99 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Flower of Scotland (Roy Williamson)
Subject: RE: Flower of Scotland
The song commemorates the triumph of King Robert The Bruce (Not Sir William Wallace) at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Where a greatly outnumbered Scottish army defeated the much stronger force of the English King Edward II (Hence "Proud Edwards Army") which had invaded the south of the country. This was accomplished primarilly by means of Bruce's careful and strategic choice of ground for the battlefield. By driving short and extremely sharp stakes into the soft ground, placed tightly together, it became impossible for the English cavalry to take the key battle area in a flanking manouvere. As heavy cavalry was the key military advantage of the English it became impossible for them to achieve victory and they were defeated. The consequence of the Bannockburn victory was to cemment the independence of the Scottish nation four nearly four centuries until The Act Of Union of 1707.

In an interesting aside, a lead casket containing what is thought to be the entombed heart of King Robert The Bruce was unearthed last year amongst the ruins of Melrose Abbey in the Borders. The casket was later re-buried at a secret location.