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Posted By: HuwG
02-Aug-03 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: If It Wisnae for the Union (Matt McGinn)
Subject: Lyr Add: IF IT WISNAE FOR THE UNION (from H Imlach
I have a Hamish Imlach recording at home, which is much the same version as that to which the link provided by Masato Sakurai refers, but contains an extra verse (third verse, below) and has some slightly changed lyrics.

Toora loora loora loo
I'll tell you something awfu' true
You wouldnae hae your telly the noo
If it wisnae for the Union

I had a boss in Aberdeen
The nicest fella that ever was seen
He must have thought me helluva green
Before I joined the Union

I had a boss named Allardyce
He was really helluva nice
Except for the way he loaded the dice
Before I joined the Union

I had a boss, his name was Black
He told all the workers to call him Jack
But he was bloody good at giving the sack
Before I joined the Union

A pal of mine has bought a car
A second-handed Jaguar
He wouldn't hae travelled half as far
If it wasn't for the Union

The bosses they were doing fine
Wee wains[1] are working down the mine
They'd have them on the assembly lines
If it wasn't for the Union

So men and women all agree
It's time to rise up off your knee
And raise the banner of unity
Forward with the Union

Note[1] Wee wains = Little children