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Posted By: Dead Horse
25-Jul-03 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Witches! Good and Bad?
Subject: RE: BS: Witches! Good and Bad?
There are good Catholics & bad Catholics. Define Catholics.
Witches are people, some good, some bad.
Not all the good are good all the time.
Not all the bad are bad all the time.
Wiccans (what most folk regard as white witches) practise a religeon that is MUCH older than Christianity, and has done a darn site less harm.
If you wish to believe in any philosophy, look within yourself to see what YOU wish to worship - be it a god, nature, or mammon.
Then learn about others with similar views - and Hey Presto, there is your religeon!
Personally I worship ale, folk singing & dancing.
(but I have been known to drink lager, sing pop, and do the twist)