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Posted By: Janie
24-Jul-03 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: 2003 FSGW Getaway - ideas for program
Subject: RE: 2003 FSGW Getaway - ideas for program
Yo Morticia!!!!

A year from now
You'll take from us
Our good friend Allan C.
To dwell in jolly England
Across the wide blue sea.
Not only that!
We 'catter's here will be too broke to go
To Yorkshire where there will occur
The splendid Nuptials show

But we have earned the right to have
A celebration day
To toast the starry lovers here in the USA.
It is plain truth that you first met
In Maryland on the Bay
On a clear October morning
At a folksong Getaway

For ten or twelve or twenty folk
To fly to London town
And take a train to Yorkshire
Will cost too many pounds.
But some of us on Mudcat
Have said we'll pass a virtual Hat
To buy a ticket for a plane
(won't cost each more than a bottle of champagne)
And bring one favorite British lass
Back to that hallowed place.

So get your visa and your passport stamped
And pack your bags for Ramblewood Camp
We'd love to see Micca and Pixie there
Alas they'll need to find their own fare
We'll have a party
We'll celebrate
Allan C.'s and Morticia's fate
To join their lives together.