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23-Jul-03 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stuff left out of Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Stuff left out of Harry Potter
Stuff that will be left out:

Harry finished his firewhiskey and motioned to the barkeep for another. He turned back to Ron. "Yeah, the job's alright -- I'm up for promotion to Assistant District Manager next year. And in another two years I'll get three weeks vacation. Can't complain, although the boss is a total git."

Ron smiled wanly. "I know what you mean. My supervisor is a supreme a-hole -- keeps making me rewrite the executive summaries on the production reports." He scratched the top of his head, where his scalp gleamed through the pale orange strands of his comb-over. "So, do you think Hermione will show?"

"Nah," said Harry, gazing absently at his former schoolmates gyrating on the dance floor, and rubbing his paunch. "I haven't heard from her since Cho and I split up. She's too big a deal to come to a reunion -- famous author, and all."

"You're probably right," agreed Ron. He paused thoughtfully. "Who'd have guessed that she'd make a fortune writing books about Muggle kids' adventures in school? That's all I hear from my two: 'Dad, can we get the new Larry Cotter book? Dad, can we rent Larry Cotter and the Dining Hall Dilema?' I'm sick of it!" he concluded with some heat.

They stood surveying the room for a minute without speaking, as the members of the Hogwarts Class of 2005 jerked and bobbed ridiculously to the DJ's tunes. Finally Harry spoke. "You wanna another drink?"

"Why not?" said Ron, and they turned back to the bar.