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Posted By: Grab
23-Jul-03 - 08:15 AM
Thread Name: New guitar recommendations
Subject: RE: New guitar recommendations
JohnL, that's what worried me about getting a handmade one too - apart from the time delay, there's the uncertainty about the end product.

Ed/Richard, there isn't a pickup on it yet, but I'm planning on getting one fitted. Coda Music recommended a Fishman; I'm open to suggestions, particularly from you guys with Lowdens who've been through this already. Richard, I've checked those threads from last year, and it all seemed pretty inconclusive. Did you ever get anywhere with PUTW? Now I've got the guitar, maybe I should start another thread about getting a pickup...

As was said on the other threads, it'll be about suiting the pickup to the guitar. Trouble is that no manufacturer seems to give details of what kind of sound the pickups aim for, what kind of frequencies they boost/attenuate, etc - all they say is "our pickup gives perfect sound" which really ain't much use. To make it worse, they'll have one pickup for $20 which says "this sounds perfect" and another one for $200 which also says "this sounds perfect" - well make your minds up guys! :-/