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Posted By: Joe Richman
23-Jul-03 - 12:07 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Turkish Delight (Ray Noble)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Ray Noble's 'Turkish Delight'
Thanks Kendall... sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I remember a couple of other verses too.. the one you gave looks like an American version. The earlier British one had a long monolog and took up two sides of a 78.

examples of verses:

Once there were two dancing girls who went about in gauze
and when they danced in cabarets they were enormous draws
the chief of police arrested them for showing too much zeal
he didn't mind the upper deck but couldn't stand the keel

There was a bloke named Omar and 'e wore a ruby 'at
He lived on loaves of bread and wine but who cares about that
I cannot tell you when he lived the only date that sticks
is Will-I-Am the Conqueror and that's 1066

A young commercial traveler came to Baghdad one day
he climbed upon the hareem wall to watch the girls at play
he promised to be good but when the bathing girls appeared
he got so agitated that he fell and broke his ..... word

Aladdin loved a Princess whom they called Belle-Troubador
and though he loved her dearly, she loved Aladdin more
She opened wide the palace gates to let her drunken Dad in
and who could help if by chance she sometimes let a lad in

Maybe I'll remember more in a bit. It is the monolog I particularly would like to get transcribed.

I remember "[Arab]'You like pretty ladies I show you lovely dancing girls'[British]'I say are they a bit of alright these dancing girls... oh don't be silly'"