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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
21-Jul-03 - 07:34 PM
Thread Name: New guitar recommendations
Subject: RE: New guitar recommendations
Lovely thread! Glad to know that everybody got a the Guitar they deserved. Often I think we are our own best critic and, for that reason, worst enemy, since testing highend Guitars can be so costly in punishing the most obvious, at least to me, oversights.

Say nuttin about the name and the images that result, if you like fingerpickin then surely a 'Louden' must be the ticket; seriously who can test a Gibson or Martin with dead strings? bad setup? abused in stores hanging on a peg for years and not played but thrased by folks who approach with a bad attitude?

Shopping I many a time try odd makes of Guitar because I love to mess with them, and often find great little boxes for bargain prices. Once I found a used Washburn that was just the mightiest box I ever did try but could not get the cash to bring it home! Sheesh .. I often find Fender Acoustics that are real teasers for the middle range, never found one I would not be very glad to play on a gig!

This is not surprising when the wood in them makes many a lowend box a gem, and highend a lemon, but that is another day's shopping. For now I am happy with the box I found by accident hanging in a very un-guitar musicstore in one of those 5 mile long Malls. That it is a Martin DM is irrelevant to me, since I never pay any attention to the maker; does it ring? does it feel good? would it feel better if it had this or that? Anywho I noticed right away it was fairly new on the floor and the strings still bright, but it had that magic good boxes all have, it rang true-

What most of all makes this a keeper for me is that I did not buy it, but my missus did, and she is a better musician than I will ever be...
I think she paid the most of a grand for it. Today I know I could easily double that today without leaving the neighborhood!