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Posted By: Steve Benbows protege
21-Jul-03 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: New guitar recommendations
Subject: RE: New guitar recommendations
I can personally recommend a few guitars. Firstly, A "Yairi" - they are one of the most underated guitars on the market. Mine plays like a dream and has mellowed well in the eight years i've had it. They now cost from 800 upwards. I bought mine for 200 (now that's inflation) they are all good quality hard wood. They have different models so try them all. Ivor Moraints stocks them as does Chandlers in Kew.
Secondly, buy a good Gibson - a well rounded model such as the SJ special. It is an all round guitar. I use mine for folk/blues/jazz and it holds it head up for all the above styles very well.
Yamaha do a hand built service - they come with electrics in (if not, wage a deal to get it put in.) They used to have examples in Chappels in Bond Street. The hand built guitars start from about 1,100ish.
good luck!