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Posted By: Amos
18-Jul-03 - 05:48 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's Banjo virtuosity
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's Banjo virtuosity

Well, looking for the joy of music and such is a sign of pure brotherhood as far as I am concerned, especially if you're a player and a singer....and if we have slightly different tastes, I have no problem with that. I think you missed my point about the feeling with which different performers do various songs, but that's okay.

I do think as far as "noticing how people attack..." you might want to review the following excerpts, all of which seem to communicate anger:

How typically pompous.

Your arguement is dated.

nice tap dance around your pomposity.

your arguement reads like something out of a 1961 issue of Sing Out. I'd say, get over it

I'll remember to not get to close to you!

Your definition of folk music is by far very limited, narrow, and borderline arrogant.

The elitists haven't a clue how locked in a box they are.

A bigger load of crap is hard to find.

...the folk purists who take themselves way too seriously, are quick to catagorize and criticize.

Maybe there's a mirror-effect kinda thing going on here, huh?

Anyway, I am glad you've been making music all those year. Me too. May you play for many more.