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Posted By: Matthew B.
23-Jul-99 - 01:36 PM
Thread Name: Handy Abbreviatons
Subject: Handy Abbreviatons
Somebody was recently asking about the abbreviations we use. Here are some of the more common ones for your convenience.

IMO - In my opinion IMHO - In my honest opinion LOL - Laughing out loud ROFL - Rolling on the floor LMAOROFL - Laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor BTW - By the way

And here are a few that we probably should have at the Mudcat, since we use them so often:

CWGBTTMT - Can we get back to the main topic?
IKABVOTS - I know a better version of that song
THGAOOAT - There he goes again, off on another tangent
GMIDMITW - Gee Max, I didn't mean it that way
DIMUTHOTLM - Dammit I messed up the HTML on that last message
IWTTHASC - I wish this thing had a spell check
IHASCOA - I have a secret crush on Alice

Anybody have any more I might have left out?