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Posted By: teller
23-Jul-99 - 09:03 AM
Thread Name: Music: Police and Striking Miners
Subject: RE: Police and Striking Miners
George. The alternate view point of which I speak is that of the scab/blackleg throughout the history of industrial/social dispute. What I'm searching for is some sort history of THEIR reasons, recorded in song. It matters not a jot from where it comes, or the dispute to which it pertains, but surely there are songs about these people; or is the 'truth' that history is written by the victors as prevelant in music as it is in the rst of the world? As to the by-product of this thread, the question of taking a life for a cause, being Jewish, I've heard any number of 'reasons' and, quite franknly, they have a distinctly hollow ring to them.