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Posted By: Rapparee
02-Jul-03 - 09:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Truth about Grass!
Subject: RE: BS: The Truth about Grass!
"Dandelion wine will make you remember
The first days of Spring in the middle of December.
Dandelion wine, dandelion wine...."

It's also a good marinade for steaks. And there's good reason that the dandelions are also known as "piss-a-bits." High in vitamins, dandelions are one of Nature's Good Things. Along with cat tails, they can keep you alive when lost if you know how to fix them (and dandelion leaves can be eaten raw).

Cat tails, now. The brown seed heads can be worked into biscuits for a nutty flavor. The young shoots in the spring can be cooked like aspargus and are delicious with butter. And the bulbous roots used to the be called "Indian potato" and are cooked in a similar way. Just be careful of what they are growning in because...'s been discovered that cat tails can convert raw sewage into "good" effluvient and there is quite some indication that cat tails can even neutralize heavy metals in soil and water (i.e., mud).

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, or what good lurks in the plants around us?

Mind you, my own feeling about a lawn can be summed up as "if it's green, it's grass."

Roundup is quite useful for writing what you think of that anal-retentive neighbor in the middle of his perfect lawn. So are dandelion seeds, which you can buy....