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Posted By: Sam L
02-Jul-03 - 09:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Truth about Grass!
Subject: RE: BS: The Truth about Grass!
That's true. All the time-saving innovations didn't save time, just raised the bar as to how much and how often one should do chores, and gave us more things to keep up with, fix, and clean. And I think in many cases they removed the aspects of process that made some chores kind of fun to do. Next came the wave of labour enhancing innovations, so everyone can work all the time, anywhere. Whee. I've read that the figures of the gross national product are suspect because you can't tell how much people work anymore, for one, and the U.S. counts value-enhancements in their figures.

I remember eating dandelions as a kid, read about it in the Euel Gibbons books. Anybody remember those?

   I remember a few things that I don't see anymore. Thistle used to be everywhere, and now I rarely see any. And people used to paint the lower trunks of trees white, but I suppose there are different treatments now for whatever that was.