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Posted By: Little Hawk
30-Jun-03 - 12:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Truth about Grass!
Subject: RE: BS: The Truth about Grass!
Ha! Well, it wasn't a problem before 1492. All the animals were free to shit wherever they wanted to. Things have gotten very regulated in the last 500 years, to the point where there's almost no place left where a human being or an animal is allowed to shit anymore. This can be a real problem when one is downtown in a modern city, and needing to relieve oneself, specially with all these mean-minded people putting up signs in restaurants saying "Washrooms are for customers only!".

Talk about an unChristian attitude! They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

"My country 'tis of thy people you're dying."

Too damn many overfed people all crowded together, and no respect for anything except the dollar. That's not a free people. That's a community of terrified, regimented slaves.

Nobody cares where a dog shits in Cuba or Trinidad. They accept the fact that life is not perfectly convenient in those places, because they are materially poor and they know even as children that life is difficult...but it's free. More power to them! Vivan los pobres de la tierra!

- LH