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Posted By: Little Hawk
21-Jun-03 - 10:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: What the world thinks of America
Subject: RE: BS: What the world thinks of America
The World is a community. A town is a smaller community. If there is one man in a town who simply doesn't care what the rest of the town thinks, and breaks its laws whenever he wishes, and enforces his lawbreaking by having more firepower than anyone else...he is an outlaw in that town. Eventually the town will find a way to stop him. If he's very well armed and has a large gang, it may take a long time for them to stop him. It took more than a few years to stop Hitler. It took a thousand years to stop the Romans.

The USA? Who knows. But the USA, internationally speaking, is an outlaw nation, and the World knows it perfectly well at this point, but is not well armed enough to do anything about it...yet.

The USA isn't the only outlaw nation, of course. There are a number of others. But it is the biggest one. Some outlaws hide behind a facade of righteousness, but their goals are all the same: the acquisition of someone else's money, power, land, and resources...gotten through force or the threat of force (blackmail)...and gotten through murder, if gentler methods fail. The most clever of outlaws gets people's support by telling them he is protecting them from some other outlaw (and sometimes he may be). It doesn't change the fact that he is still an outlaw at heart.

Hitler was "saving" Europe from Communists, Jews, and terrorist agitators, remember? Millions and millions of people swallowed that line of propaganda while they supported naked aggression and looked upon it as national defence. Some of Hitler's key opponents (like Stalin) were just as undemocratic as he was. The past replays itself in no uncertain terms. Same drama...different players.

Ordinary people pay the price...and support the outlaw who rules over them...or get called "traitors" or something like that.

- LH