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Posted By: John Hindsill
21-Jun-03 - 07:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: What the world thinks of America
Subject: RE: BS: What the world thinks of America
Dear Guest (21 June, 6:13), who hasn't the courage to put a name, nor even a nickname to his/her posting, none of those things you said make any sense at all...unless you subscribe to those comments. I don't think we are necessarily culturally better, and we as a nation may or may not be better (although I think we are). If others like us, great; if they don't like us, great; I just don't give a damn either way. And I don't believe we should define ourselves based on surveys of othe peoples' feelings.

BTW, McGrath,if the people surveyed don't want to live here, maybe the wrong people are being surveyed. The USA has the greatest annual number of immigrants-legal and illegal-than any other nation. I wonder why...

And I do agree with you, if I read aright, that if people want to stay in their own country, that is a good thing all around. Would that all governments were benign and allowed for the greatest liberty and prosperity possible.