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19-Jun-03 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: The Great Tune Hunt Permathread
Subject: missing tunes - 3600-3799
3600        OLDBLITY         THE SHORES OF OLD BLIGHTY                              
3601        SHRSUTHR         SHORES OF SUTHERLAND                                 
3605        EVERSOLD         SHOULD I EVER BE A SOLDIER                           
3606        SHOUTAIR         SHOUTING IN THE AIR                                    
3607        PRETNUM         SHOW ME A PRETTY LITTLE NUMBER                        
3614        SIDALLEN         SIDNEY ALLEN                                          
3615        SIGNIFY         THE SIGNIFYIN' MONKEY                                 
3616        SIGNUP         SIGNING UP                                             
3618        SILEASPU         SILEAS PUIRT A BEUL                                    
3619        SLANGSNG         SILLY SLANG SONG                                       
3620        SILVBELL         SILVER BELL                                          
3622        SILVERDW         SILVER DEW ON THE BLUEGRASS TONIGHT                  
3628        SINGERRQ         SINGER'S REQUEST                                       
3629        SINGKIT         SINGIN' IN THE KITCHEN                                 
3632        SIDREAM         SINGULAR DREAM                                          
3634        TITANIC9         SINKING OF THE TITANIC                                 
3637        SINREADY         SINNER YOU'D BETTER GET READY                        
3638        SINHYMN         SINNER'S HYMN                                          
3639        SIOUXSU         SIOUX CITY SUE                                          
3640        SIRALDGR         SIR ALDINGAR                                          
3641        CHASDUFY         SIR CHARLES GAVAN DUFFY                              
3642        FRDRAKE         SIR FRANCIS DRAKE (Eighty-eight)                        
3644        JONBUTLR         SIR JOHN BUTLER                                       
3646        SIMONTFD         SIR SIMON DE MONTFORT                                 
#3648        DOCKBAY         SITTING ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY                        
3649        SIXCLIKS         SIX CLICKS                                             
3651        SIXROSE         SIX WILD ROSES                                          
3653        SKAGIT         SKAGIT                                                   
3655        STWBLHR4         SKEWBALL (4)                                          
3656        SKINMRNK         SKINNAMARINK                                          
3657        SKINBAPT         SKINNYDIPPING BAPTISM                                 
3658        MERCNTL         A SKIPPER IN THE MERCANTILE MARINE                     
3660        SKIPDREM         THE SKIPPER'S DREAM                                    
3661        SKIPBARE         SKIPPIN' BARFIT THROUGH THE HEATHER    -midi from Malcolm (missing)               
3666        SLAVSHIP         SLAVE SHIP                                             
3667        FOOTBED         SLEEPIN' AT THE FOOT OF THE BED                        
3668        SLIMYSCB         THE SLIMY PATRICK'S SCAB                              
3669        SKIPJIG         SLIP JIG AND REEL                                       
3672        SMALLFRY         SMALL FRY                                             
3673        SMALVICT         SMALL VICTORY                                          
3676        SMOKCGAR         SMOKED HIS CIGAR                                       
3681        SNAPLINE         SNAP THE LINE TIGHT                                            
3682        SNTCHGRB         SNATCH AND GRAB IT                                             
3683        SNWDOVE         SNOW WHITE DOVE                                                
3686        NACL                 SODIUM CHLORIDE                                          
3689        SOLDBOY         SOLDIER BOY                                                     
3693        SOLDRJO2         SOLDIER'S JOY 2                                                
3694        SOLJERS         SOLDIERS                                                        
3696        SOLIDGD         SOLID GROUND                                                   
3699        SOMEBUG         SOME LITTLE BUG                                       
3701        OTHRTROB         SOMEBODY ELSE'S TROUBLES                              
3702        SOMBODY         SOMEBODY'S TALL AND HANDSOME                           
3708        SONGNYR         SONG FOR A NEW YEAR                                    
3709        CANADSNG         SONG FOR CANADA                                       
3711        SONGFORA         SONG FOR EARLY MORNINGS                              
3712        SONGGALE         SONG FOR GALE                                          
3713        BACKWODS         SONG FROM THE BACKWOODS                              
3714        SONGNITE         A SONG IN THE NIGHT                                    
3716        SNGEVENT         SONG OF EVENINGTIDE                                    
3717        ARTESIAN         SONG OF THE ARTESIAN WATER                           
3718        CRNLCLAS         SONG OF THE CLASSES                                    
3723        SONGSOUL         SONG OF THE SOUL                                       
3726        SNGWOODY         SONG TO WOODY                                          
3727        SINGSING         SONG WE SANG AT THE SINGSONG IN SING SING            
3728        SOONSEE         SOON AND VERY SOON                                    
3732        SOURCREM         SOUR CREAM                                             
3734        SOUTKISS         SOUTER GAED THE SOO A KISS                           
3740        SPIRTKPR         SPIRIT KEEPER                                          
3741        SPREEADO         THE SPREE                                             
3742        SPRGHTHR         A SPRIG OF IRISH HEATHER                              
3744        SPRNALS         SPRINGTIME IN ALASKA                                    
3745        SPRNGLRY         SPRINGTIME IN GLORY                                    
3746        STFRANC         ST. FRANCIS PRAYER                                    
3750        STAGLEE2         STAGOLEE 2                                             
3751        STALSTAL         STALIN WASN'T STALLIN'                                 
3752        STNDCRNR         STANDING ON THE CORNER                                 
3754        STARBAR         STAR O' THE BAR                                       
3756        STARKLE         STARKLE                                                
3759        STEELAGO         STEEL A-GOIN' DOWN                                    
3764        STILILO2         STILL I LOVE HIM 2                                    
3767        STONEBOY         STONECUTTER BOY                                       
3768        STRMWIND         STORMY WINDS                                          
3770        PETESNAK         STORY OF PETEY, THE SNAKE                              
3775        STRFORB2         THE STREETS OF FORBES (2)                              
3776        STGLORY         STREETS OF GLORY                                       
3778        BANND         STRING BAND DISASTER                                    
3779        DORYPLUG         STRINGS AND DORY PLUG                                 
3780        STRKSTWN         STROKESTOWN                                          
3782        STUTTERR         THE STUTTERER                                          
3783        GDSPDPL2         SUCCESS TO THE FARMER                                 
3784        SUGRHOLD         SUGAR IN THE HOLD                                    
3785        SGARNTCH         THE SUGAR NOTCH ENTOMBMENT                           
3787        SULLPAIL         SULLY'S PAIL                                          
3788        SULTNA         THE SULTANA                                             
3789        SUMERMAN         SUMMER MAN                                             
3791        SMMRFEST         A SUMMERFEST IN KINGSTON                              
3792        SUNSCRN         SUN SHADE                                             
3795        SUN&SHAD         THE SUNLIGHT, THE SHADOW, AND YOU                     
3797        SUNLAND         SUNSHINE ON THE LAND                                    
3798        SMARTIN         SUSANNA MARTIN                                          
3799        SUSHISNG         THE SUSHI BLUES