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19-Jun-03 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: The Great Tune Hunt Permathread
Subject: missing tunes 3400-3599
3402        ROCKALL         ROCKALL                                                
3407        VIRGIBN4         ROCKY BANKS OF THE BUFFALO                           
3408        ROCKYMNT         ROCKY MOUNT                                          
3409        ROCKYMT         ROCKY MOUNTAIN                                          
3412        RGROHEHR         ROGER O'HEHIR aka eight Mile bridge                                       
3413        ROGUEMAR         ROGUE'S MARCH                                          
3414        ROJO                 ROJO                                                      
3416        ROLONDAY         ROLL ON THE DAY                                       
3417        ROLLSASK         ROLL ON, SASKATCHEWAN                                 
3422        ROVMINS2         ROLLING MINSTRELS (Come All Ye)                        
3423        CAIROTON         ROLLING TO CAIRO TOWN (ROUSTABOUT SONG)               
3424        GLADIATR         THE ROMAN GLADIATOR    - I have this somewhere - I think in songwright.                              
3425        ROMSNG         ROMANIAN SONG (Blood And Gold)                           
3426        ROMEOJUL         ROMEO AND JULIET                                       
3427        ROMPROVE         ROMPIN' ROVIN' DAYS                                    
3428        ROOKRYDE         ROOKSHOPE RYDE                                       
3432        RORYDALL         RORY DALL                                             
3433        ROSCOMEN         ROSCOMMON OF MY DREAMS                                 
3435        ROSEBRIR         THE ROSE AND THE BRIAR                                 
3438        ROSCASTL         ROSE OF CASTLEREA                                    
3439        ROSENGL         ROSE OF ENGLAND                                       
3440        ROSHEART         ROSE OF MY HEART                                       
3442        ROSJQUIN         THE ROSE OF THE SAN JOAQUIN                           
3443        ROSEYORK         THE ROSE OF YORK                                       
3446        ROSESUP         ROSES UP AND ROSES DOWN                                 
3447        ROSEFAI2         ROSEVILLE FAIR (2)                                    
3448        ROSEFAI1         ROSEVILLE FAIR (Banjo Parody)                        
3451        ROSIPRIS         ROSIE O Ho                                             
3453        ROSYMORE         ROSY UP ON MOORE STREET                              
3455        ROTHBAY         ROTHESAY BAY                                          
3458        ROUNAPPL         ROUND APPLES                                          
3460        RNDUPCOK         ROUNDUP COOK                                          
3461        ROUSEHIB         ROUSE, HIBERNIANS                                    
3462        ROVECWBY         ROVING COWBOY                                          
3465        RAWTWEEN         THE ROW BETWEEN THE CAGES -same tune as "robin Tamson's smiddy'                           
3466        ROWON         ROW ON                                                   
3471        ROZBSTOR         ROZIE BROWN'S STORE -sing out! vol 38 #2 p57                                 
3473        RULEBRIT         RULE BRITANNIA                                       
3474        MERMAID6         RULE BRITANNIA/MARRIED TO MERMAID (6)                  
3475        MOLLTEN         RUN, MOLLY RUN                                          
3476        CUBARUN         RUNNING DOWN TO CUBA                                    
3477        RVBLUES         THE RV BLUES                                          
3480        SAALOSNG         SAALO'S SONG                                          
3484        PAJAMMAS         SAID MY PAJAMAS AND PUT ON MY PRAYERS                  
3486        GOLDRIVR         SAILING DOWN MY GOLDEN RIVER                           
3487        SAILAMER         SAILING TO AMERIKAY                                    
3490        SAILSHEP         THE SAILOR AND THE SHEPHERDESS                        
3491        FROMSEA         SAILOR HOME FROM THE SEA                              
3494        SAILPRA2         THE SAILOR'S PRAYER                                    
3495        SAILBORD         SAILORS' BOARDING HOUSE                              
3498        STPETE         SAINT PETER'S                                          
3500        SALBRWN3         SALLY                                                
3501        SALLYGEE         SALLY GEE                                             
3503        SALBANGS         SALLY LET YOUR BANGS HANG DOWN                        
3504        SALLYMAC         SALLY MACLENNANE                                       
3505        SALWALKR         SALLY WALKER                                          
3507        SALMFISH         SALMON FISHERS                                       
3511        SALVBAND         SALVATION BAND                                       
3514        SAMGONE         SAM'S GONE AWAY                                       
3515        SAMSMLLM         SAM, SAM, PICK UP THA MUSKET   -monologue                        
3519        SANDMONK         THE SANDHILL MONKEY                                    
3520        SANDYTOY         SANDIE TOY                                             
3522        SANTAFE         THE SANTA FE TRAIL                                    
3525        SARAH         SARAH                                                   
3528        SATSEA         SATURDAY NIGHT AT SEA                                    
3529        TOLEDO         SATURDAY NIGHT IN TOLEDO, OHIO                           
3530        SAVEBEST         SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST                                 
3532        SAVRPOOR         SAVIOR TO THE POOR                                    
3533        TWEEDTL         SAYS TWEED TO TILL                                    
3534        SCARECRW         SCARECROW                                             
3536        STWBLHR5         SCEW BALL (STEWBALL)                                 
3537        SCHOLAR         THE SCHOLAR                                             
3538        SCIMARCH         SCIENCE MARCHES ON                                    
3543        SEACHILL         SEA CHILL                                                                                    
3546        SEALION         SEA LION WOMAN                                          
3547        HRTBREAK         SEA OF HEARTBREAK                                    
3549        SEALERS         THE SEALERS                                             
3551        SEAMLOVE         A SEAMAN AND HIS LOVE                                 
3553        SRCHOME         SEARCHING FOR HOME                                    
3554        SEASONSX         SEASONAL SEX (a miscellany)                           
3557        SEDUCED         SEDUCED                                                
3559        SELLTAPE         SELLOTAPE PIPERS                                       
3560        GLADBAG         SEND ME TO GLORY IN A GLAD BAG                        
3562        SETONLAS         SETON'S LASSIE                                       
3563        SETTLDWN         SETTLE DOWN (I'M GOIN' DOWN THAT HIGHWAY)            
3564        BEERS7MAN         SEVEN BEERS WITH THE WRONG MAN                                
3567        SEVENOL2         SEVEN OLD LADIES (2)                                 
3568        SPANANGL         SEVEN SPANISH ANGELS                                 
3570        SHKLCHNS         SHACKLES AND CHAINS                                    
3575        SHNTYTWN         SHANTY TOWN                                          
3576        SHANTMA2         SHANTYMAN (2)                                          
3577        SHNTHAIL         SHANTYMAN'S HAIL                                       
3579        LNDMNTN         SHE LIVED BESIDE THE ANNER                              
3580        BARMAIDS         SHE MOVES AMONG MEN (The Bar Maid's Song)            
3581        SITTABLE         SHE SITS ON THE TABLE                                 
3582        FLWRALBM         SHE'S A FLOWER FROM THE FIELDS OF ALABAMA            
3583        SHESNOT         SHE'S NOT YOU                                          
3587        SHENWLTZ         SHENANDOAH WALTZ                                       
3591        BUTBRASS         SHINE YOUR BUTTONS WITH BRASSO                        
3592        RUMSELLR         SHINGLING THE RUM SELLERS ROOF                        
3593        SHINNG         SHINING!                                                
3595        SHOEMAK2         THE SHOEMAKER                                          
3596        SHOEMAK3         THE SHOEMAKER 3                                       
3597        DANMCGRE         THE SHOOTING OF DAN MCGREW                           
3598        DANGURU         THE SHOOTING OF DAN'S GURU