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Posted By: Art Thieme
17-Jun-03 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: Sometimes goes limp (bow hair)
Subject: RE: Sometimes goes limp
This would happen to me all the time when playing my musical saw. My answer for the problem was to junk my good fiddle bow and even the artificially haired bow. I took a curved stick that I found in the alley behind our house in Chicago and put a notch in each end. Then I took a length of nylon clothesline, the thin kind that you might use to open your drapes. I put a knot in both ends of that string, put an end of the string in each notch so the tension caused the nylon string to be somewhat taut. After rosining up the string, I never had this problem again.

I heartily suggest you all replace your fancy bows with this type of bow abd your problems will simply become moot points. And if a rabbit or a deer comes skulking close by, you can use your bow to secure meat that might last you and the family quite a long time. Jus remember, arrows with moot points do not work well at all. Just a little word to the wise...from

Art Thieme