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Posted By: The_one_and_only_Dai
19-Jul-99 - 07:04 AM
Thread Name: Music: Police and Striking Miners
Subject: RE: Police and Striking Miners
Slightly weird contribution - "Radio Chaos" by Roger Waters (yes, him) was about the Miners' Strike at a very personal level.

BTW, I hope we don't go the way of the Republican Song threads with this one. As someone who was 15 when the strike was going on, and living in Port Talbot at the time, I recall with nothing but bitterness the attempts of the Scargillite Trade Unionists trying to force steel workers from going to work. Flying pickets, hundreds strong, would gather at the entrances of the Abbey, and brick cars and buses as they drove in at changeover time. Attempted arson, beatings, threatening letters, all arrived at one or more neighbours' houses during the summer.

There was no principle involved.