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Posted By: GUEST,Chris B (Born Again Scouser)
08-Jun-03 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: Richard Thompson: Your Favourite Song?
Subject: RE: Richard Thompson: Your Favourite Song?
Just been looking back at some of these threads. Someone said they bought 'Rumour and Sigh', listened to it once and gave it away. I nearly did the same but none of my mates wanted it. Apart from 'Keep Your Distance', which is a great if rather sad song (the message seeming to be that former lovers can never be friends)I think it's a terrible record and in fact it's the last Richard Thompson album I ever bought and that was 12 years ago. Vincent, Schmincent.

Re: Linda's voice problems. The recording of 'The Mysteries' at the National Theatre was made after the Cottesloe Theatre closed in 1985 (it subsequently re-opened). I think the voice thing only got bad later on, though I could be wrong. They revived the production in late 1999/early 2000 and I went down to see it. Linda was back in it and sang beautifully. I spoke to her as well for a few minutes after the end of the show and she was an absolute sweetheart.

Jack Shepherd, on the other hand, was a complete prat. That's the Drama Centre for you.

It really looks from the trends in this thread that, for most people, this guy's reputation really does rest principally on four of five rather old songs. Most of his other stuff is pretty good but when he's bad he can be truly awful.

Anyway, some nerdy stuff while I'm at it. the 'God's Garden' song mentioned earlier on is on 'Live , Love, Larf and Loaf' (or something), the first Thompson, Kaiser, Frith and French album. It first appeared on the mostly-forgotten (and downright weird if you were there) 1977 tour when they did a mainly Islamic-inspired set, which also included 'First Light' 'Layla', 'The Madness of Love' and 'Rescue Me'. Some of this stuff has also since appeared on 'official' bootlegs.