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Posted By: GUEST,Chris B (Born Again Scouser)
26-May-03 - 07:46 AM
Thread Name: Richard Thompson: Your Favourite Song?
Subject: RE: Richard Thompson: Your Favourite Song?
You know, for years I thought Richard Thompson was a genius. Now I'm not so sure about that, though I still think he's pretty good. I can't help noticing that most of the songs people have mentioned here were writen or recorded in the 60s and 70s. No bad thing in itself, but am I the only one who think his songwriting became very inconsistent after his split with Linda in 1982?

We had a long posting about 'Devonside' earlier on, to which my first reaction was the author needs to get out more. Gorgeous track, to be sure, lovely arrangement and the key change into the fiddle solo at the end is the high point of the whole album. But the words? The whole 'mother, whore and wife' thing? Very adolescent and rather mysogynistic, in my view.

He really has also written some truly terrible songs. 'You Can't Win', 'You Don't Say', 'Love in A Faithless Country', 'Psycho Street' (a real stinker, that one, 'Deam Man's Handle', 'Cash Down Never Never', 'Al Bowlly's In Heaven' (jazz for people who don't like jazz), 'Backlash Love Affair', 'God Loves A Drunk', 'Mother Knows Best' - that wiil do for now.