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Posted By: PoppaGator
16-May-03 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: News on VA?
Subject: RE: BS: News on VA?
Claymore, you are undoubtedly correct that many of the basket-case street people claiming to be vets are in fact imposters. Hadn't heard that "secret mission" excuse -- pitiful.

I still believe that *some* of those guys are genuine, though, even if there are relatively few of them. And I doubt that the craziest ones have kept track of their DoD paperwork...

Doug: What does "PTSD" stand for? I assume you're talking about "Gulf War Syndrome," but am not familiar with this particular acronym.

If funding is down and claims are up (which could certainly happen if we ever move into a country that *really* has biological & chemical weapons and is able to deploy them), there will be serious financial pressure to deny all claims that are in any way ambiguous. "How do you *know* your cancer has anything to do with that time you got gassed out in the desert?"

I watched my old man get the runaround from the government for years while I was growing up. I *know* his experience was not typical, and that most WWII vets did very nicely by the VA -- better than veterans of more recent conflicts. But I have seen firsthand that benefits can be denied unjustly, which is why I firmly believe that it can and will happen in the future, without hesitation, if the need increases and the money is not there.