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Posted By: Doug_Remley
16-May-03 - 12:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: News on VA?
Subject: RE: BS: News on VA?
Satellite photos show the extent of burning crude oil plumes for probable extreme pollutant syndromes and the reaction to rapid deployment combat will undoubtedly swell the ranks of "PTSD." Though PTSD is in quotes I do not want to disparage its reality.

I DO agree with Claymore That I was terribly surprised after the tales of castigation I had heard (yes, people did move away from me in the plane, but the Uniform really did smell) that the VA had a large nummber of "wannabees." They were terribly vocal and often attacked one's own reality, innuendo being, in cases, more telling than record.

The big stick comes finally to a very sharp point, a small percentage of the whole. There were, actually, very few manoever battallions in contact. I'm certain this holds true for current conflicts though the military may be more streamlined through technical advances in logistics.

Here in Maine the VA has stopped all outreach programs and there is a two-year wait for a Patient Care Physician, though Urgent care is always available.