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Posted By: NicoleC
15-May-03 - 04:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: What should happen to the IL hazers?
Subject: RE: BS: What should happen to the IL hazers?
Alcohol and teens don't go together very well - especially if mum isn't keeping an eye out.

I agree, WW. But I also don't think that a first-time drunken 21 year old being released on society without any idea of what the effects alcohol are like is a particularly bright option. You might as well hand car keys to a 16 year old without teaching them to drive first, and then be astonished when they get in a wreck!

There's a big world of difference between supplying alcohol for a teen party (with other people's children around, not just the ones you are responsible for making decisions about), and "Son, would you like to try a beer?" safely in the home on a supervised Saturday afternoon. The first is recklessly irresponsible; the second is a learning experience.

Violence on reality shows vs. violence on the news channels perpetuated by those in authority... I know which one I think is more likely to make kids believe violence is an acceptable way of dealing with problems.