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15-May-03 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: What should happen to the IL hazers?
Subject: RE: BS: What should happen to the IL hazers?
wilco48-I don't want to turn this thread into a debate about abortion, but I'll say two things. First, many people instinctively interpret any usage of the word Holocaust referring to an event other than the Holocaust in Nazi Germany to be belittling that Holocaust, and while I am sure that is not your intent, it cuts down on rational discussion to spark such emotions. Secondly, I see a very clear line between the statement that a fetus does not have rights, and the gut idea that a person who is essentially no different from you in physical or mental ability has no rights. I agree that much of "reality" television degrades people, and might contribute to lack of empathy, but there is a tremendous emotional gap between a near-adult and a fetus who you can't even see, and is not recognizably human except under a microscope, and then to someone expecting to recognize a human.