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Posted By: NicoleC
14-May-03 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: News on VA?
Subject: RE: BS: News on VA?
I hope so, art. Last thing we should be doing is curtailing the VA's budget again with a whole new generation of vets waiting in the wings, now. Promises made to vets should be kept.

I may be generally in favor of not sending more kids off to fight senseless wars, but I see it as a social contract between those who faithfully serve and bear the brunt of decisions they don't make, and those who stay home and enjoy the benefits without the risk. It disturbs me to see this kind of social contract bandied about as a political toy. The vets lived up to their end of the bargain; it's pretty shameless to try and back out of it.

Some vets are getting great service, but many others aren't. I can't help but wonder why, because if we knew why, maybe we could fix it.

(Gee, am I ranting tonight? I'd better go work on the cookbook some more...)