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Posted By: JudyR
23-Apr-03 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
Subject: RE: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
Sounds like the point *was* the whole vacuousness of that era or aspect of folk music. And they also have to appeal to a fairly wide audience. The average person either barely remembers or hasn't heard of Seegar today (sad to say), and certainly wouldn't know Grossman. It would be just one big in-joke among us -- delicious as it would be.

(and some people are their own parody -- how on earth could you send up Dylan more than he has of himself? It's sorta like why they say parodying the 60's always falls so flat -- the 60's were their own parody. As I found when I tried to write about my own experiences then, and somehow never quite nailed it).

So, I'm still wondering if the film is funny.