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Posted By: Rick Fielding
23-Apr-03 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
Subject: RE: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
It's really disconcerting having two threads on the one film.

Can't the Clones put 'em together?

I Think Bill makes a good put about it sending up PBS better than folk music. I'm a HUGE Guest fan, and I think the film was decent, small and funny at times.....but the problem for me is that (Like Woody Allen) he's running out of jokes. Fred Willard was screamingly funny as the Air Force guy in "Tap" and a real hoot in "Best.." but he's done it. Period. In "Wind" he's over the top, really dumb, doesn't realize it......but it just ain't funny anymore to me.

So many of the reviewers (none of whom appear to know much about folk music) have focused on "who" the characters are based on, and this just seems silly and unneccessary to me. Guest was a folkie at one time, he knows his subject, so there's a little bit of everyone who was part of the "commercial" folk music scene in the film.

He's only focusing on the "mellow pop" aspects of the revival, so no one should wonder where send ups of Seeger, Dylan, Grossman, Lomax etc. are.

Yup, it's a good attempt, and I enjoyed it, but Bill's right, it's like those awful PBS shows......but with a few jokes.