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Posted By: BH
19-Apr-03 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
Subject: RE: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
More of a send up of PBS than anything else, I felt.   It had its moments---few and far between for laughter.   Begley and Levy steal the film for me. Fred Willard and his "shtick" is proving awfully tedious to me at this point---how long has he played this one note now? 30 years? Thankfully there was little music in the film---it was a comedy of characters and they could have been in any field.

Mel Brooks or Woody Allen at their least successful efforts are ahead of this.

The send up of PBS was right on though---right down to the bald headed or toupeed performers singing to a standing ovation ---I just waited for the "pitching" for a dontation.

Bill Hahn