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Posted By: GUEST,Firínne
17-Apr-03 - 07:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: An Coolan
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: An Coolan
I have sent the lyrics of Carroll Malone's 'Coulin' to the thread you mentioned, Felipa.    I also have a page from the 'IRELANDS OWN' magazine, dated Sept 14th 1963, which I think you might find interesting. The article mainly concerns Thomas Moore's 'Coulin', but there is a small piece about the origins of the air. I'll quote the piece as it's written:
"The melody of the Coulin is claimed by some authorities to have been composed about the year 1275 A.D., when an act was passed by the English government compelling the English settlers in Ireland at the time to have their locks shorn.
The English settlers in Ireland at that time had adopted the Irish custom of 'The Coulan' [sic], [which was the name given to the style in which young Irishmen of he period wore their hair], and were often killed in mistake by the soldiers of the British Crown - so, to protect it's subjects, the English government made it imperative for the English settlers in Ireland to have their locks shorn.
The only existing Gaelic words to 'The Coulin' date back to 1641, but there must have been an earlier version that in lost in antiquity. The 1641 version is credited to Maurice O'Dugan, an Irish bard from Tyrone. It has been translated by Thomas Furlong."
The article then goes on with the translation, which is different yet again from those in the other threads.
The piece finishes up by stating that "'The Coulin' is recognized by practically all musical authorities as being one of the greatest examples of Irish folk melody.".