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Posted By: Rick Fielding
16-Apr-03 - 09:10 PM
Thread Name: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
Subject: RE: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
REALLY GOOD FILM. Gentler than his other ones, but the promotional people get skewered good.

Incredibly accurate....the actors (other than the Spinal tap guys...who already play) have LEARNED their instruments! They went to Mandolin Brothers for historically accurate banjos guitars, tenor guitars, Autoharps and mandolins. Martins and a couple of J-200s for the early stuff....and a couple of Taylors for the new.

Best line? (well...of several) Ed Begley Jr's character, who is of Nordic-Jewish background(!!).....has a "Garage Dulicmer Band" when he's a kid!

Jane and John Michael's characters aren't as prominent (or prominently written as in Best In Show. Jennifer is scarrrier than ever!

There were about eight people in the theatre with us. Two left after five minutes.....will they let you go to another theatre? This wonderful little movie should disappear without a trace after a week.

Oh...apparently a reviewer from New York mentioned that were no POLITICS in it.....and he was surprised. He shouldn't have been. This was based more on a "New Christy Minstrels" or Kingston Trio thing. It was filmed a bit like "The Weavers, wasn't that a time"? but definitely was about commercial folk groups......not a Commie in the lot!