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Posted By: Rick Fielding
10-Apr-03 - 10:41 AM
Thread Name: Review: A Mighty Wind
Subject: RE: Review: A Mighty Wind
Think of how many "Flying people" got jokes from "Airplane" that the rest of us didn't. The Zucker Brothers threw in quite a few "in jokes".

I've watched "Spinal Tap" at least twenty times now and each time I see something else that I missed before.....but it's the same thing with the young hip guys who design computer games.

An example.

I have a great "Arnold Palmer" Golf game. Many hours of useless fun (plus I've mastered FOUR courses...take THAT Tiger!) and I marvel at the tiny details.......BUT

....BUT.....being the terminally silly person I am, I wondered what would happen if I aimed directly AT Arnold (you can play against him) and blasted him in the balls with a shot from a one iron!

It took me three tries to really nail him....but when I did, he let out with a huge "Whumphhhhhhhhh, oooooh!"

Now SOMEONE had to program that into the game.

By the way, if you do it twice in a row, Arnold just goes home...match over.

That's what I LOVE about Guest. Married to Jaimie the mind of a mischievous 12 year old!!!


The BIG battle in the "Harvesters", was NOT my kicking out a member to install my semi-talented girlfriend, but the direction the band would take. The co-leader loved the Kingston Trio, I wanted it to be more "Weavers like" and political. We weren't good enough to be either.

The band ended when we signed up for the big school auditorium show, and the band found out that I ALSO signed up for a SOLO song!!!!

They felt betrayed. They were right. I'm sorry Gordon, Janet and Michael. The debbil made me do it!