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Posted By: Hester
08-Apr-03 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Robin Hood ballads
Subject: Robin Hood ballads
I know that the earliest extant medieval Robin Hood ballads (i.e., the Potter, the Monk, & the Gest) were probably spoken-word pieces, rather than songs. However, I wonder if some of the later ballads associated with tunes, (e.g Arthur a Bland, etc), have been recorded in a collection by anyone?

I'm aware of Bob Franks' modern "talking blues" of "A Little Gest of Robin Hood".

Also, I have the Estampie CD "Under the Greenwood Tree"; however I find the arrangement of the ballads there to be far too influenced by classical music conventions. In the same vein, I also have The Sherwood Consort's performance of "Le Jeu de Robin et Marion".

I'm looking for earthier, folkier performances of the traditional Robin Hood ballads -- something in the style of Anne Briggs' version of Thorneymoor Woods:

A poacher's life is the life for me,
A poacher I will always be
Fol de rol, tu ra la, dae!

Can anyone suggest particular recordings?

Oh, and while we're on the topic, Raggytash (who has a much different view of Robin than I) is looking for another Robin Hood song:

>>>A more recent song which is possibly quite accurate had the line
"the dirty robbin' bastard that he was" possible a good deal more accurate than him fishing out of Scarborough!
Sorry I cannot recall more of the song perhaps a separate thread might bring it to light. I heard it in folk club in manchester in the 70's<<<

Cheers, Hester