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Posted By: Guy Wolff
30-Mar-03 - 09:04 PM
Thread Name: Drop-D; wrong all these years?
Subject: RE: Drop-D; wrong all these years?
Amos that tuning is sometime called "Vestable". The great thing about it for a banjo player is that the intervels between the strings is the same as G tuning ( Also known as "SPANISH" tuning ) but just one string over . What you did on the first string in G tuneing works on the Second string in D Vestable.The same with chords. All thoughs banjo chords work one string in .. Cool realy . Also DADGAD has the same intervel as "Saw Mill" tuning or G SUS 4 of banjo fame in the same way .
DDW that double D tuning is great for "Crazy Man Michiel" "Angle From Mongomery" and "Peacefull Easy feeling "... All the best to all here, Guy