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19-Mar-03 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Your favorite cowboy/western folk songs
Subject: RE: Your favorite cowboy/western folk songs
Dave Oesterreich (5.3.2000) mentioned the song "Bury Me Out on the Prairie" with lyrics:

"Wrap me up in my blanket,
Bury me deep in the ground
Cover me over with boulders
Of granite, gray and round."

This seems to come from "I've No Use for the Women". Although not deeply into Cowboy songs this is one of the best tunes in the "Cowboy Song" section of a CD-ROM I purchased from Rod Smith in England not too long back (it contains the lyrics and music for over 6,000 songs, mainly folk-oriented, for less than 20 (c. $30). The other nice tunes in this section have mostly been mentioned either under the same names as on the CD-ROM, eg "Trail to Mexico", "Streets of Laredo" or others, eg "Stern Old Bachelor" is presumably the same as "Little Sod Shanty". However 2 very nice ones ("Hell in Texas" and "Sioux Indians") have not been mentioned by anyone yet. Some of these songs are on the website though unfortunately many have had to be removed from the website "due to restrictions on band width". Worth checking this out (I have no connection with Mr. Smith other than as a satisfied customer.