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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
13-Mar-03 - 07:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Girl of Dances (Robin & Barry Dransfield)
Subject: Chords Add: GIRL OF DANCES (Barry Dransfield)
Here is my own hearing of the chords. Barry has just cancelled a gig that I know he was looking forward to and preparing for, in a club he highly respects; so it doesn't seem a good time to bother him. Anyway, try this (he plays it in F on the recording but I've transposed it to G for guitar-friendiness):

GIRL OF DANCES Barry Dransfield    Key: G

* denotes the first inversion (the middle note of the chord goes on the bottom)

G             D*            C*          G D*
Playing games to hide our faces

G                  C*          G       D*   (or can play chord in root position)
Where are you my girl of dances

Eb          Gm                  D    (bass passing note F on "find")
I know where I'll find you

Eb          Gm                  D
I know where to find you

G                        C*          G      D*
Rising late it's hard to start out

G                              C*            G - D
With a smile you learn too soon

Eb            Gm                D
Making new day resolutions

F                                    G C* G D*   (repeat progression)
Forgotten in the afternoon

Am                               C            G
I hear them say that you're a wanderer

Am                              C             G D*
Hear them say your heart's astray

         G                  C*       G       D*
For this is your all my girl of dances

C*                      D          G
Don't let them take it away